Being professional and respectful - Steem, TRON & elsewhere

9개월 전

One of the things I am surprised about the recent business deal between Steemit, Inc and Tron Foundation (unsure of the legal names) is the abuses being thrown back and forth.

  • CEOs using the 4 letter word
  • Employees calling their co-workers the 4 letter word

Can't we do business in a civilized and ethical manner ?

The answer is YES

Needless to say this is stressful for lot of people involved. But the true character of a person comes out when she/he is under stress and uncertainty.

Irrespective of witness, stake holder or CEO or a billionaire or Exchange one must maintain professional ethics and mindful of the language they use. One must be mind of the ethics behind the decisions that one takes.

  • Are you taking ethical decisions ?
  • Are you using respectful language ?
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