Euro 2020 Day #03 Previews


I am following the European Football Championship making previews on all matches while having some fun betting small stakes.

It was a profitable day 2 if the tournament as both full-stake Pre-Game bets comfortably won while the smaller live bets have been lagging behind for now. All bets I take are shared in these daily blogposts and on the SBC Discord Server

Total Starting Bankroll at risk = 2 Units

  • Full Flat Stake being 0.2 Units
  • Medium Stake 0.15 Units
  • Small Stake 0.10 Units
  • Tiny Stake 0.05 Units

Day #2 Bets
0.20 Switzerland 1H CK -0.5 | 1.750 -> WON +0.150
0.05 Wales vs Switzerland U 11 CK (1-3 21') @ 1.80 -> LOST -0.05
0.05 Wales vs Switzerland FT 0-1 (0-0 33') @ 5.005 -> LOST -0.05
0.05 Wales vs Switzerland O 1.5 (0-1 65') @ 1.625 -> WON +0.031
0.05 Wales vs Switzerland CK O 13 (4-8 82') @ 1.91 -> WON +0.046
0.05 Wales vs Switzerland U 2 (0-0 9') @ 1.874 -> PUSH +0.000
0.05 Denmark vs Finland O 1.75 (0-0 24') @ 1.854 -> LOST -0.05
0.05 Denmark vs Finland FT 0-0 (0-0 50') @ 3.650 -> LOST -0.05
0.05 Denmark vs Finland FT 1-0 (0-0 50') @ 3.629 -> LOST -0.05
0.20 Belgium -0.25 @ 1.810 -> WON +0.162
0.05 Russia +0.25 (2-0 54') @ 1.870 -> LOST -0.05

Total Day 2 Results 11 Bets | 4W-6L-1P | Staked 0.85 Units | +0.089 Units Profit

Matches and Previews for Day 3...

England vs Croatia

All the numbers in this match pretty much favor England. They will be playing at home with fans and have been in a good form having won their last 6 matches keeping a clean sheet in 5 of them. At home, they are now 15W-1L and it's somewhat of a revenge spot as Croatia beat them in the last word Cup Semi-Final. Croatia on the other hand doesn't seem in a strong position right now not having beaten a worthy opponent in their last 9 matches (only wins against Malta & Cyprus). In the friendly match against Belgium, they did take a good start but weren't able to keep that up for more than 10 minutes. The money from the masses for sure will be on England but these matches rarely are easy and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out much harder than the numbers suggest. Betting Croatia in case the odds keep increasing at +1.25 handicap is what I will be looking at the coming hours before the kick-off. Croatia 1H + handicap in anticipation for them to take a good start as a trading position is also an option. For now, No Pre-Game Bets

Austria vs North Macedonia

Both these teams were in the same qualifier group with Autria winning both encounters. Austria is not in the best form only having 1 win in their last 6 matches (against the Faroe Islands) only having 1 clean sheet in their last 7 and failing to score at least 1 goal in their last 3 matches. North Macedonia is able to put up better numbers and is a surprise team in the tournament qualifying for the first time. They are unbeaten in their last 4 of their last matches and scored at least 2 goals and are with just 2 losses in their last 14. Also in 10 of those matches they did score first. So if anything, they don't look like a side without a chance. Austria is the favorite based on the 2 previous encounters which ended 2-1 and 1-4. Odds are just not high enough on North Macedonia on the 1st half Handicap and for them to score a goal to make pre-game bets out of it. I did end up taking a tiny 0.05 unit bet on North Macedonia Team Total 1st Half Over 0.5 @ 3.48 since they should have a standing chance and perform quite good in 1st halves and have shown to be able to score goals with Austria only having 1 clean sheet in their last 7.

Netherlands vs Ukraine

This match will be played in Amsterdam, so the Netherlands can count on the home advantage and they unbeaten in their last 4 matches also scoring at least 2 goals in their last 7 matches. Ukraine is unbeaten in their last 6 but 4 of those ended in a draw. They only managed to win 3 matches of the last 13 and scoring 2 or more goals in only 1 of those matches while having only 3 clean sheets in their last 15 matches. I expect The Netherlands to be the team with all the initiative at the start with Ukraine keeping everything closed in defense. The 2 bets I'm looking at are Ukraine +1 on the FT handicap and 1st Half Under 1 but I haven't pulled any triggers yet. No Pre-Game Bets

Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I will cover these matches live in our SBC Discord Channel My Bankroll on this tournament is only 2 units with full stake bets being 0.2 units. I take all my Pre-Game & Live bets with my Betting Broker Sportmarket Pro who always provide the best offers on the market with a 1 click solution and don't limit winning players offering high limits. For more info check my Sportmarket Pro Review

I also plan to take some Beer bets in crypto. Full Guides to Decentralized Crypto Bookies I personally use where no KYC is required allowing anonymous betting from any location without individual limits for winning players...

Euro 2020 Betting Results

Day 02 Results 11 Bets | 4W-6L-1P | Staked 0.85 Units | +0.089 Units Profit
Day 01 Results 04 Bets | 2W-2L-0P | Staked 0.30 Units | -0.0195 Units Loss..

 Total 15 Bets | 6W-8L-1P | Units Staked 1.15 | +0.0695 Profit | +6% ROI


Past results don't guarantee Future Results. There are very few people that are equipped financially and psychologically to handle the ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis. If you're not a professional, every instinct you have will attempt and probably will sabotage your success. Human nature runs completely contrary to being successful at gambling. These bets are posted as a way to help myself in order to stay disciplined, always hold yourself accountable if you end up following. Proper Bankroll Management can highly decrease the risk of heavy losses!

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