European Crypto Bank (ECB)

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Over the last couple of years, the term Cryptocurrency has been rapidly spreading over the world due to its advantages and value in the public eye. In this scenario, European Crypto Bank (CEB) is building a secure method of marking money using a safe platform saving your internal revenues and transferring your cryptocurrencies into traditional assets, without any issue  

European Crypto Bank

Started in 2008 by Olivier Forgues (CEO of European Crypto Bank) for money laundering and tax invasion. In the present ECB has evolved with the ten years of professional experiences with the service of experts in the field. ECB has all the facilities to succeed and to keep their leading position among the other competitors. The aim of ECB is to start a change within the market so that wide range of non-technical customers could take advantages from the several opportunities. Apart from that ECB intends to give a wide idea of crypto currency market to the world.

Why ECB?

The European Crypto Bank is providing a highly reliable quality service to its investors. Furthermore, they have provided a proper solution for the main problem of transferring crypto profit into traditional assets as the investors are not familiar with the current bank system. ECB responding to this problem in a proper way using the KYC and AML software which offers a secure trading multilingual exchange platform. Apart from that will be managed by a financial and compliant team as to offer a quality service. In addition , ECB is enriched with a vast security system that is safe by the investors

Services Provided

  • Robot advisors
  • Tax reporting
  • ECB token
  • Tax assistance
  • Assets and wealth management
  • ICO rating
  • ECB trading platform
  • Crypto leverage
  • Exchange to traditional assets

Why you need to buy ECB token

  • ECB has potential to enhance their growth in the future as they made a revolution in the market
  • Their ability in assets management, investment advice, And wealth management in finance can be transposed and customized to the cryptocurrency market 
  • ECB token will permit to gain premium service
  • During the next years, individual and cooperators will know the massive growth of juridical assistance and tax legislation


Network services are connected  with each other (API, personal area, databases etc)

A cold wallet with a transaction confirmation from several participates (multisig) is used for token distribution.

A smart contract has the function of suspending transaction in the event of unpredictable situations so we can protect the participants’ funds and transfer them to a more secure smart contract.

The security of the collected funds during the ICO will be provided by a multi-signature on the wallets. The withdrawal of funds from these wallets will

Be possible if there are 2 or more signatures of team members. It will be publicly available to view data balances of these wallets

Cold storage of a part of the collected funds to finance the project will be organized on the basis of hardware wallets (Ledger wallet).

ICO Term sheet

Token sale volume : 5,000,000 to 200,000,000 Euros

Toke sale capacity at ICO : 7,936,507 to 345,414,463

Total emission volume : 15,873,014 to 677,283,261

Sale geography: whole world except the USA

Price of the token upon the sale: Euro .63

Distribution of tokens: crowdsale members 51%

The company 24%

The team 23%

Bounty program 2%

Bountyhive Username: Chandana





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seems to be a great project. sir, where can i find the bounty programme of this project? can you please reply me. because the tokens of this project will be valuble and this project will be a one of great projects in future.


yes, it's very successful project, you want to see it, pleas follow this link