Eurovision Semi-Finals line up.

4년 전

So the semi-final line ups are now out. I have included some of the details to both of them now in this post.

Semi-Final 1

Below included it is semi final 1 first and second half line up. This will air on 8th May 2018.

First Half

Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania

Second Half

Armenia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland

Semi-Final 2

Below included it is semi final 2 first and second half line up.To be broadcast on 10th May 2018.

First half

Russia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Australia, Norway, Moldova, San Marino, The Netherlands

Second half

Montenegro, Sweden, Hungary, Malta, Latvia, Georgia, Poland, Slovenia

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