What do you carry in your pockets?


Typically I try to carry everything I feel I'm going to need for the day on me when leaving the house.

In addition to what I carry in my pockets below, I have a small backpack with more accessories that I'll detail in a later post.

Car/House Keys - I have a car. To drive it, you will need a key. I also keep my house locked, although no keys are required.
Wallet - Nothing in this world is free. Gotta pay for it somehow.
Cell Phone - Not shown. Taking photo. Makes calls, allows for text messaging, standard 2019 model.
Watch - You could get the time off your phone, but, how classy is that?
Pocket Knife - I get a lot of deliveries. Those Amazon boxes can be challenging sometimes. I have a variety of 15-20 that I rotate through. I'll share some of these in a later post.
Olight Rechargeable Flashlight - It's dark as fuck where I live at night. I hate stepping in piles of shit when I'm walking the dog.
Self-defense Item - The world is a crazy place. No additional details will be provided.

What do you carry on the daily? (Photos please!)

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#Ledger Nano X will always be in my pocket when once it comes in the mail!

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i carry STEEM in my pockets!

I was wondering about the flash light..

My pockets plus a cell phone..




Well this seems fun! Not really in my pockets, but this is what comes with me when I jump in my horse and buggy to hit the town...

Ugly Wallet - I had my purse stolen a few years back when running errands (right off my shoulder), so I stopped carrying one. Instead I use this super girly wallet, as stealing it out of my pocket is much harder 🤷🏻‍♀️

Keys- apparently you have to have those for the things.

Lip Balm- Homemade 😉

Phone- you know, to do the things.

Water- I always have water, water is life.

Introvert mints - Gift from my mom, they make me smile.. and minty breath is nice.

Notebook/Pen- I’m old and have to make lists now, and I don’t like digital lists.. so I always have a notebook.

I also carry a Negan style bat, just in case... and other stuff.


I got the mints too, HAHAHA ... (See my photo below)



And well... it doesn't take any more haha xD

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Well im bringing at my pockets are those at the photo and also my phone.

This are the three most important things to me.


Hi Bernie!
I'm a mannequin, but I got some stuff in my pocket...
Big Hug from Switzerland
Steemitri The Mannequin


Swiss army knife, the original!

+wallet + smartphone + keys

I carry 589.673 euro and 345.839 dollar in my pocket

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Wallet, phone, bitcoin

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  • Smartphone (contains so much, always 24/7 within 1m from me);
  • Wallet (damn FIAT, CC);
  • Keys ring (holds also tiny flashlight, +USB flash)
    ....and, sometimes SwissArmy knife.

Who needs more?

spare body parts

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Ahahahahh, COOL! ;)

That watch is dope!

A phone, My home's keys and a Data USB...

I only carry my phone. Not even a fucking wallet.

I have a lot of upgrading to do. I know. You don't have to loud it, mum.

PS: You revealed way too much on this post. Made me feel uncomfortable for your sake.


I assure you, there's nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

Nice spring assist Benchmade. I have the all black tanto one.

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Can't leave the house without my victorinox handyman knife.



Yeah, these are amazing! But do not go too big, these big Wenger army knifes are so big that you can't even use it the right way... =D

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True, a victorinox swisschamp is the biggest you can go without it being unpractical to use. Or victorinox cybertool 41. That wenger model is made specially for collectors.

My keys, telephone and cedula.

In my pocket I always carry my keys, money, ID and cell phone







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Wallet, keys, cellohone. My keychain is pretty 'dungeon master' ish though, and has a screwdriver on it.

My Company ID card Tag, typically a dog belt around my neck in office and in pocket outside office

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Wallet, cellphone and weed

Haha.. You should do a what's in your purse post for the ladies, you'll literally faint, or giggle lol

Good thing you're not in UK. The knife could get you a 7 stretch and I notice you have no dog shit bags in your pocket so not picking up your dog shit would cost you £60 at least! At least post a pic of the cute doggie a Bernie.....is it a St Bernard by chance? ;-)

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Nothing ! BUT you don’t want to see my purse 🤪

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Should I get started hahaha ....

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Be warned :)

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Self-defense Item - The world is a crazy place. No additional details will be provided.

Funny how cool you write that. Hope you never need it.

Well @berniesanders
Today I reveal my pocket, that what I have in it.

It is the photo I clicked when I read your whole blog, and at that time I was going to the bank to deposit my money....

dont stop flaggin now jackass let er rip
im starting to really look down on you, your not even good for entertaining anymore
i think your last hurrah was yesterday you will never top that comment little beanie buddy

I carry my car key, house key, wallet, phone and a pen.


I would get sent to prison for carrying a knife like that lol

My usual set in my pocket: a few hundred bucks and a pack of condoms! Lol


It could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT items. It really does!! :D

I'll carry all of this things if possible .

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Basically I only need my keys, phone, wallet and I'm ready to do :D


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Definitely watch, phone, wallet, keys, mint candy.

Wallet, loose change, paper handkerchiefs (still winter here in the Swiss mountains hence the runny nose) keys and phone. I have a Victorinox pocket knife but do not always carry it with me.

Visiting the Victorinox factory tomorrow... will try and take some nice pics for a post tomorrow afternoon

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@berniesanders, what's the name of your car??


I've never thought about giving my car a name.

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Cell phone, keys, wallet. That is pretty much it.

I carry nothing in my pockets because all in my bag. Ladies have a lot to bring in their bag. I shall wait for your post for ladies purse or bag okay? But this post is super fun and interesting. 👍😊😉

I really need to get a new watch, but my EDC is pretty minimal. I have my wallet, AK47 Auto Knife (yes, its a good auto blade) and my HTC M8. I do have a conceal carry license, however I don't carry my sidearm in my pockets.

Lol, I have almost never considered what I carry on my person all the time. Phone is a must 😉, bunch of keys, ID change and of course my sleek partner, clip.

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Nothing. I carry nothing in my pockets. Is this abnormal?!

Dont downvote me. Come to Vegas and fight me pussy. We have a ring AND a live action weapons rings. Or we can just meet in front on the nellis air force base. God damnit little pussy what you jealous I am a veteran and you are not??? Come to vegas. Get these hands boi

Phone, handkerchief and wristwatch.

I have the standard keys/wallet/phone and also never leave home without my oil vape pen and and my joint container, which may be for gum but is pretty smell proof.



I carry my phone either on my arm band or on a neck pouch. The baby cologne is just a container for hand sanitizer. I rotate my flashlights, and it has saved my life once, 2 people on a motorcycle drove beside me as I was walking with my girlfriend, the passenger was showing off his gun but they hesitated and decided not to assault us because they saw me holding my flashlight, which they probably thought was a baton.


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I Carry These Things when i leave my house:
download (7).jpg

Cool set of accessories, @berniesanders.

Interesting! I am wondering if girls carry anything in their pockets. :D

I always have a backpack, always having every kind of things in my pocket so i can carry it in my backpack