On Intuition

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Your mind has been programmed to seek for answers outside of yourself, to rely on something external., to have the need to follow someone's else instructions on how to BE YOU.
Your feeling scattered fragmented & disconnected is just a program.

When your connection with the HIGHER SELF is off, your inner guidance is off.
In this state of disconnection You are weakened as an ENERGY BEING, You are scattered mentally & emotionally, You rely on something outside of your SELF and get easily confused.

You do not have to operate this way.

Your HEART is connected to your cosmic mind, to ETERNITY in You.
Your HEART carries the Universal wisdom of a CONSCIOUS BEING that You are.
Your HUMAN HOLOGRAM has been equipped with COSMIC INNER GPS that offers DIVINE GUIDANCE directly from Higher INTELLIGENCE itself.
No middle man or external instructions are needed.
All is needed is your conscious intent.

Once You recognize this simple TRUTH about what is called Self, You will have a strong desire to CONNECT to INFINITE INTELLIGENCE/MYSTERY/GOD.
You will shift your focus inward to strengthen your personal connection to Higher Realms of existence. You will pour your energy into it.

You are a multidimensional BEING who is fully equipped for your human journey.
Intuitively You already know that.
This knowing is coded in your divine DNA.


Intuition is a deep seated knowing, "a gut feeling" that is based on higher senses. It is an acute insight that is experienced by your heart that has never lost it's connection to the higher mind.
Intuition has nothing to do with reasoning or logic.
It can not be grasped by the intellect no matter how powerful the intellect is.
Intuition speaks through feelings & hunches.
You just KNOW.
You feel it in your HEART....if You listen.

Your intuition will tell You what is TRUE for You or relevant to CONSCIOUSNESS in You.
Your intuition will tell You when something is off.
Your intuition will tell You what and who is good for Your SOUL.
Your intuition will tell You whom You can trust and whom You better not.
Your intuition will loyally guide You all the way to the very end that will be your new beginning.
Intuition is your best friend.

Once You activate your personal connection to HIGHER INTELLIGENCE/MYSTERY/GOD
You will experience yourself in a completely different way: You will be guided by something higher then the external programming, conditioned mind.

Your INTUITION is your only trusted adviser in a world filled with voices of disconnected & often soulless beings.

You cannot trust your conditioned mind.
But You can trust your COSMIC HEART.
You can trust the CONSCIOUSNESS in You.
You can trust the HIGHER INFINITE YOU.

~ extract from Breathe & Evolve
Life From a Cosmic Point of View

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