Paradigm Shift is in progress

10개월 전


You have lived in this reality since You got here. There is nothing new about it today.
It did not suddenly change overnight.

You are awakening to what is real & it is freaking You out a little....some more then others..
What is being revealed to You is not what You thought it was & naturally You are reacting.

The thing is -
It has always been like this in this realm - brutal & heartless.
It is people who held on to their SOULs who remembered their HEARTS that made this world a worthy place.

The system has never been on your side or had your interest at heart. It has no heart.

The Earth has been hijacked by a bunch of low vibrational beings - predators.
So was human consciousness.
They made sure that You did not see what was going on here. You were only allowed to experience your own reality bubble, your own little show.
That gave You the illusion of safety & control.
Now the bubble is bursting.The illusions are fading away.

People have been dying from toxic pharmaceuticals since forever.

Children have been dying from starvation since forever.

The wars, the child sex industry, the satanic rituals that would make your heart stop if You knew......have been taking place since forever.

The continuous soul rape of sentient beings has been taking place since forever. Look at slaughter houses, what has been done to other Earthlings is done to You.
This mess that You are waking up to .... has been dragging since forever.

The media hijacked the minds of human beings.
The chemicals that are practically everywhere - your food & water, your home & personal care are targeting human DNA & dumbing down any sparks of cosmic intelligence that Universe might ignite....on a daily basis.

Everything around You is designed to keep you blind & enslaved, so a bunch of heartless soul-less beings can have their agendas fulfilled.

The pretty veil has been pulled over your eyes to keep you in your place. And it is falling off now.

Now You are coming out of the coma, You are no longer under the spell. You begin to see.
Have no fear, courageous Soul.
You came here to be a part of the grandest cosmic event, the most extraordinary Paradigm Shift. Your ancestors are proud of You.
Your HEART knows what your mind forgot.

~ Breathe & Evolve
Life From a Cosmic Point of View

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