The way of a SOUL Warrior

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Universe does not hold on to grudges.
It operates on principles of growth, expansion & transformation. It operates on LOVE.
Universe does not react to your behaviors, conscious or unconscious, it simply responds to emanating vibrations.

You might say "I am not Universe, I am human. I am entitled to my reactions."
You are correct.
Yet You are as divine as You are human.
You are You-niverse in human motion.
You are entitled to react to what is taking place in the world in any way that feels natural to You.
In fact, it is your reaction to it that will reveal what You are really made of..It will show You your own spiritual stamina, your spiritual spine.

You can get stuck in that place of reaction and hurt many others by acting from a space of reaction, adding more to the chaos & confusion....... OR

You can deal with it like a SOUL warrior that You are.
You can transcend any friction, You can transmute the chaos & pain, the injustice & violence. You can grow from it as a cosmic bad ass that You are.

Once You accept & embrace your humanness as much as your own divinity, once You allow the mystic in You to alchemically transform all the chaos of the world,
You will root in your COSMIC HEART that operates the way Universe does.
Once You do that on the inside - not only
You will elevate your own vibration as a conscious being, You will hold space for others to do the same.

Infinite Void/Mystery/God loves You and accepts You with all your doings, conscious or unconscious.
Mother Earth accepts You for ignoring her for so long.
Animals accept You for your neglecting their suffering and passively participating in violence against them.
You can do it too... if You choose.

You can accept yourself for the mistakes & unconscious behaviors that were installed into You.
You can accept duality of the world You live in, You can accept the existence of your offenders.
Instead of holding on to the grudges You can grow from them as a SOUL warrior that You are.

Universe is not asking You to love predators and support their dark deeds.
You are entitled to your human ways in every way - react, rage, scream....process duality in any way that resonates with You....


Universe asks only one thing of You - through all of it, to remember who You are in your HEART, in your deepest core.

Let your HEART break open and join the ways of the Universe.
Acknowledge. Transcend. Transform. Grow. Evolve..... Move forward.
Do not get stuck in your reactions, You are better then that.
Do not let the ways of others influence the way You are.
Wish CONSCIOUSNESS to all those who demonstrate the lack of it.

You are a Soul warrior, cutting through all the layers of darkness, bringing more HEART, more light in to this world.

~ extract from Breathe & Evolve
Life From a Cosmic Point of View

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