You are Your Own Medicine.

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Once You understand this, everything will change for You.

You will start thinking differently.
You will be making better decisions for your SELF and your loved ones.
You will be more AWARE of the bigger picture, the cosmic point of view.

You grew up in an environment that did not support your understanding of ENERGY/VIBRATION/FREQUENCY that is the main law of the UNIVERSE.
People around You were acting from a place of programming. Educational system has no interest in creating conscious empowered beings, it is too busy planting obedience and being a useful server of the machine.
Remember that before You start beating yourself up and others for being unaware.

Your environment made You feel dis-empowered and victimized. Yet You do have the POWER to turn things around at any moment, 24 hours a day,.
All it takes is one vibrational decision on your side.

You can create a harmonizing environment for yourself and your loved ones by making choices that You were not encouraged to make by the system. You can always choose to turn to Infinite Intelligence/Cosmic Void/ Quantum Field/God, whatever name resonates with you better.

Your state of BEING depends on YOU & the choices that You make.
The POWER OF CHOICE is your greatest power.

Most people make their choices from a place of programming without realizing it. "Everyone else is doing it, so I am doing it too."
Spending far too much time in EMF, living sedentary life style, consuming synthetic foods, drinking polluted water, being addicted to negative emotions, allowing all sorts of toxicity into a personal human field..... this so called normal factors build on fragmentation & suck You deeper and deeper into a place of dis-empowerment, disconnection, and disharmony. You become more vulnerable and less resistant, your immune defense drops down and your DNA gets damaged. But, "Everyone else is doing it, so I am doing to too."

Times like this invite You to reconsider your cosmic position.
It is entirely up to You whether to accept the invitation or not.

Here is How You Can become your own Medicine:

  • Reduce the time You spend in EMF, turn off the WiFi OFF when You go to sleep. AI waves effect your nervous system and brain function to a greater extend that most are willing to realize.

  • Spend more time with NATURE to charge your bio field.

  • Ditch synthetic foods and use of chemicals that became normalized in a modern world.

  • Switch to natural fresh food and natural care - body/beauty/home. Pay attention to information that everything You absorb/use/eat introduces to your DNA. Everything is energy, breathing dancing and ever-changing cosmic grid and You are interacting with this grid whether You know it or not.

  • Drink clean water.

  • Throw away the TV or use it as a plant stand.

  • Fast often. Fasting is the cheapest and easiest way to boost your immunity and activate your inner self-healing mechanism.

  • Move, sweat daily.

  • Have baths, contrast showers and massages.

  • Let go of things that do not serve your SOUL. You cannot save or change anyone but your own SELF.

  • Keep shifting your FOCUS to strengthening and bettering your SELF rather then feeding the predator energy with your reactions.


  • Slow down the pace of your life.

  • Engage in CREATIVITY.

  • Teach yourself to BE PRESENT.

  • Keep LEARNING, yet practice discernment when it comes to sources of information. Guard your mind.

  • Consider taking up some spiritual practices.
    They all have the power to delete the programmed fragmentation, raise vibration and create WHOLENESS.

  • Challenge yourself to be CENTERED & CALM on the inside no matter what happens on the outside.

  • Laugh & Smile often. Dance, Listen to harmonizing music.

  • Practice ENERGY HYGIENE. Not all interactions are good for your SOUL.

  • Meditate, It changes your brain waves & creates a bridge between HEART and MIND, uniting aspects of what is called SELF into ONE harmonious beat that attunes into Higher Intelligence.

  • Do all You can to REWIRE your SELF and raise your frequency.


You are a multidimensional BEING, sheer CONSCIOUSNESS, You are much much more then anyone ever allowed You to believe. You have the POWER within You that is capable of moving mountains and shifting realities, let alone changing your state of BEING.

When You choose to HARMONIZE your own SELF - You become your own vibrational medicine, You find yourself more HEALTHY & VIBRANT, more mindful & light-hearted, more patient & kind, more joyful and loving. Victim-hood is no longer the frequency You operate on.
You become a worthy cosmic portal through which You-NIVERSE operates as YOU.

~ extract from Breathe & Evolve
(Life From a Cosmic Point of View)

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