Let's get Steem listed on Netcoins



Hello everyone

In case you haven’t seen the community initiative to get Steem listed on Netcoins – I highly recommend checking it out! You can check out the post by @oracle-d.

It is a request of our support as a big community in the world, yes steemit is a big community in the world. We all are counted to support STEEM to make it the best on cryptocurrency exchange. In very short time it will have Bahasa Indonesia version as I helped to translate it a few moment ago. What are you waiting for guys?, don’t you want to see STEEM getting better in it price?, if you do, please support this by upvote STEEM every single day for the next 6 days. I will do it right away, how about you??.

Baru saja saya membaca postingan @oracle-d yang diposting beberapa jam yang lalu tentang steem dan netcoin untuk selengkapnya anda bisa membukan pada post mereka berikut tautannya

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