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One can't mention the crypto space without mentioning cryptocurrency exchanges, that is to say, it plays an important part in the crypto space. When one misses out on ICO or token sale of a particular blockchain project, the next place to get that cryptocurrency is from cryptocurrency exchanges. Through there, interested investors can successfully buy or trade that coin or token with either BTC, ETH or as the case may be.
Another benefit or opportunity found in cryptocurrency exchanges is trading, where Individuals constantly trade one cryptocurrency over another with the aid of trading tools.
The opportunities associated with the crypto space is amazing no wonder it's worth over $202 billion.
Since the cryptocurrency exchanges are very much needed in the crypto space, that means it is paramount to solve issues limiting its true potentials.

A study carried out by a team of experts (Cryptonity team) shows that within the cryptocurrency exchanges there are certain issues caused by specific exchanges. This comes in the form of the developers enriching their pockets through the listing of altcoins which will pay them well without putting into consideration platform update or security upgrade in addition to neglecting their users. Owing to the fact they list low cap altcoins, their users still participate with them.

Likewise, in the crypto space, certain exchanges have security issues which most time leads to lack of trust and reliability. This is because, certain information about them stays obscure such as their location, platform security etc. Also, because they are called big players, they are always targets of hackers.
Other issues needing urgent attention is lack of adequate security and trading tools, lack of transparency and accountable customer care executives, lack of fiat deposit and withdrawal etc.

As earlier mentioned, a team of experts analysed these and came up with a solution, this solution resulted in an exchange known as Cryptonity Exchange.


In certain cryptocurrency exchanges audit is either not done or done just once in a year or as the case may be, but rather the team behind Cryptonity aims to ensure its auditing is done two times every year and by independent security specialists. The outcome thereof will be made accessible to individuals subsequently advancing trust and confidence.
Cryptonity exchange plans to achieve a remarkable and exceptionally secured exchange which will be provided to its members. To guarantee sufficient security, Cryptonity will employ the services of security specialists found in the crypto space.

With the end goal to bring more interaction or activity to its platform thus leading to more communication, Cryptonity will build an intuitive communication segment for its users, through this, members will have the capacity to add their own quota to the platform improvement.
Moreover, as the crypto space is exceedingly unpredictable, Cryptonity will provide to its users effective and dependable trading tools, also, Cryptonity will likewise offer to its users numerous languages so they can have the capacity to contribute just like everyone else. In addition, Cryptonity will guarantee there is an effective communication channel through which they can speak with users.
Also, Cryptonity plans to make satisfactory strides in instances of hacking. This is accomplished through the Implementation of insurance policy which will be utilized to pay or refund users in occasion of hacking.

In the same vein, Cryptonity's exchange will offer trading sets, like BTC, ETH, LTC, XNY, Fiat. Also, Inside Cryptonity's exchange, there will be an advantageous and productive trading device which will be utilized by members or users to improve trading. Likewise, there will be a coin listing policy etc.
Furthermore, as the decentralized exchange has ended up being the best type of exchange, Cryptonity will develop one, in addition to developing its own blockchain.


Cryptonity aims to bring a unique solution to the cryptocurrency exchanges with regards to giving to its users the most complete, community-oriented, secure, transparent and solid cryptocurrency exchange platform everything being equal.

The Cryptonity token is XNY, it is a utility token with a fixed supply of 100 million. It is based on Ethereum blockchain and gives holders certain rights such as voting for "Coin of the Month" and suggesting features to be added to the platform.


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