An Introduction to the ProBit Token (PROB) and Pre-Sale Event

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With the recent boom of ICOs, it became increasingly difficult to choose which projects would be worth investing in. Every single project promises huge returns and rewards to potential investors. This article will discuss about the ProBit Token (PROB) and how it is used as a utility token of ProBit Exchange, a new and innovative digital asset exchange set to launch by the end of November. We will touch on the main points that makes ProBit Exchange unique and how to purchase it.

What is ProBit Token?

The ProBit Token (PROB) serves as the utility token of ProBit Exchange. As a utility token, PROB provides users of the exchange with numerous benefits such as trading fee discounts, voting rights for listing of new tokens, increased referral bonus and early access to new features.
20,000,000 ProBit Tokens were allotted for the private sale, pre-sale & IEO events. After the initial phase, the trade mining phase will commence. In the trade mining phase, once a trade transaction is completed, both the takers & makers are rewarded with ProBit tokens with an amount equivalent to a percentage of the trading fee of the transaction.

Benefits such as trading fee discounts and referral bonuses will be rewarded to users of the exchange depending on the amount of their PROB holding. Trading fee discounts range from 10-50% of the trading fee. Referral bonuses (reward given upon referring another user) range from 10-20% of the trading fee.
Additionally, ProBit has a Buy-Back program to buy-back ProBit tokens on the exchange. The buy-back tokens will be used as a contingency reserve that will function as an insurance fund.

What is ProBit Exchange?

ProBit Exchange is a digital currency exchange poised to create waves in the cryptocurrency market. ProBit seeks to differentiate itself from other exchanges by being the most global, professional and secured marketplace for digital assets.
The main features of the exchange Include: a top performing matching engine with processing capacity of 1.5 million transactions per second, superior security through FIDO U2F hardware security key support, fully customizable dashboard and abundant coins & trading pairs (150+ currencies ready to be listed). All these unique features guarantee to provide traders with world class trading experience.

Why should I purchase the ProBit Token?
Funds raised during the sales of ProBit Token will be utilized to build the ProBit Exchange platform. PROB will serve as the backbone for building the ProBit Ecosystem consisting of C2C exchange, fiat exchanges and ICO platform.

How can I purchase the ProBit Token?
ProBit Exchange is holding a Pre-Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) starting on November 5 until November 28, 2018. During the Pre-Sale period, participants will get a 10% Bonus for every ProBit token (PROB) that they purchase. Please take note that the minimum purchase amount is 100 USD. To make a purchase, please visit

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Originally published at on November 14, 2018.

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