Get Rich or Die's (Always) Up To Date List of Trusted Exchanges

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The following exchanges are used and trusted by members of our crypto group. Any exchanges failing to act in good faith will be removed from this list and an update will be immediately released. (This is not a guarantee or financial advice, just healthy links to exchanges that we use and monitor.)

Click on the links below to sign up at each exchange. More exchanges, more cryptos.






(for the casual crypto investor? LOL)

These links go directly to the exchanges but you should always make sure you have an "https" connection before interacting with them and immediately bookmark the sites after clicking the links to prevent future attacks.

Please upvote, share and re-steem to help keep people safe from scams and hackers. And please leave any suggestions for our future list in the comments below. Now go get that crypto!!!!

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I approve!



Interesting post @getrichordie. In the future, you may wish to post an expanded (or separate?) list with DEXes on it, since some (like me …) would like to see them become the future of crypto exchange transactions.

For example, BitShares (BTS) …


We are BIG fans of the DEX! We are compiling a list for release soon (today?) and will update you. Some BTS dexs are definitely on the list, cheers!



We'll poll our members for the next list, thanks!

Hey thanks for sharing this.
I have upvoted!
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What about Bittrex and bancor?


Bancor is appearing on our upcoming DEX list, soon! And we are currently evaluating the new Bittrex format, will likely make an updated list soon. Cheers!

Thanks for putting time and effort into creating this post.
Im glad to see that binance and kucoin are being considered reliable by you.

obviously followed and upvoted


KuCoin is especially good because holding their native token, KCS, pays you daily dividends of all the other coins on the exchange. Almost as good of a return as Steem and Steemit! Cheers!


wow. you're indeed very responsive

Just checked your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

Obviously followed! :)


Excellent! Glad to have you! We'll pour through your content soon! Cheers!

I also approve but VAULTORO is a name new to me


If you combine Vaultoro with the Shift debit card, you've basically made physical gold spendable on a card within 20 min. Just buy bitcoin to buy the gold and when you need money, sell gold for btc and transfer the btc to a wallet linked to your Shift card and you can spend your gold/visa like it was a credit card. Cheers!


What is the "shift" debit card? I have heard of the HODL card. Anyone know any updates of how they are doing? There have been many attempts at credit being established with crypto as the collateral but it just doesn't look like any one of those companies is leading the way yet.

This is way way way overdue. Probably getting caught up dealing with the local governments but that is just as assumption. Anyone have anything to enlighten me?


If you've got Coinbase then you're good to go spending BTC like debit from a bank account. Cheers!


but coinbase was forced to report its users to the government.

I approve! @getrichordie

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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Appreciate you looking out for the masses. There needs to be groups forming in the early stages of all this new technology to bring more security and reliable outlets to collect information. Always people out there trying to take advantage. What is the fix?


Community! Glad to have people like you out there!

Hola amigo @getrichordie, orgulloso de ver tan buenas publicaciones como esta, que maravillosas ideas tiene, espero que siga así cuenta con mi apoyo, saludos



thanks for his suggestion is very beneficial for many people


You're welcome!

genial y muy interesante!!!!

Hey man it looks like you know what you are doing xD
Do you know a cryptocurrency exchange where I can buy bitcoins or altcoins, it doesn't matter which coins without providing an ID? I just want to power up my steemit account and I don't feel comfortable with providing my ID to some shady business with their headquarters in another country.


Binance and KuCoin don't require any ID to trade but they don't offer fiat to crypto everywhere yet. You may have to try to get started. Most of our American members use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and then move that immediately to another exchange or DEX. Good Luck!

Thank you for the list I will be sure to open up accounts on the better exhanges. I never knew there were so many!

Wonderful story.

Your idea is so beautiful .

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Thanks for sharing

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I think the writer's only aim is to promote their affiliate link and not to really make aware the best exchange there is.

What is his basis of judgement?

Some of the exchange listed has not even passed regulation.

I stand to be corrected.


Please join our conversation on our telegram to see how the sausage is made. We don't charge for membership, no pumping or brigading. We just pay attention, do our homework, and keep each other informed. The basis for choice of our preferred exchanges is up to our members and where they keep their money and perform their trades. We won't recommend any exchanges that we don't have a considerable amount of assets held on. And for the ones that offer it, we hold their native token/coin which gives us preferred treatment and a stake in the exchange business. Good luck!

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lo apruebo amigo, @getrichordie muchas gracias por compartir esto,orgulloso de usted tiene ideas maravillosas y muy interesantes,Espero que me siga y yo le seguire felicidades tienes mucho exito por delante saludos


De nada!