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As we can see, businesses with business are public systems that are building good money. Consider a Facebook example, the marketplace capitalization a year ago amounted to 450 billion US dollars. This is a considerable amount and excellent results in the following 13 years.

So the most common issue of social networking is that the funds that the company receives in the kind of advertising revenue can only be distributed to shareholders, employees, and the supply of technology companies. Technology and functionality are not the same Companies are often just thinking about getting as many users as possible into the system.

Today I would like to add you to the bitcoinbing exchange task thus. Dependable trading floor When you know, the crypto market has a lot of trading up, but there are much open grounds to cheat honest people. Consequently, to look for a dependable, respected, protected trading system usually is very tough highly. Today, you possess present that, Bitcoinbing usually is a trading platform, please follow me offline


What is Bitcoinbing?

Bitcoinbing a cryptocurrency exchange provides users with an improved feature offering, unlocking and producing available advanced features resources and equipment.


BitcoinBing's eyesight is to increase industry-wide anticipations and provide a world-class experience with a robust trading system, platform advancement, and custom made interfaces. We address our system and industry gain access to issues that are dedicated to the consumer foundation. Bitcoinbing usually is balancing its participation in blockchain space and advertising mass approval. This project focuses on optimizing trade with electronic blockchain and money induction. This is an effort to bring the world into a reliable and safe system. Bitcoinbing will make sure the passions of users in every element.
Also, it also provides a secure and flexible expert and expert trading and electronic cash transactions. In Bitcoinbing, users denote the electronic money they have and the exchange rate they wish to sell, and various other users respond and negotiate until a contract is usually reached. After carrying out, therefore, an original agreement is decided to determine how much to swap on both parallel sides, how the transfer of value must become made, and during which period the event will end up being taking place. To make sure that users are not fooled by their cash or usually annoyed, the evaluation and evaluation mechanism is available for every year to get on-site credit ratings, helping users make informed decisions. Regarding who should perform business.


Increasing the regular of requirement throughout the sector is about providing a globe course encounter with an active trading engine extremely, active system development and a customizable interface. We are dealing with issues that span the sector, and our team is devoted to you, the user foundation. Bitcoinbing is handling involvement in the blockchain space and speeding up mass adoption.


Multiple Money Pairs
. Security
. Symbol Buyback

. Protected Storage

. 99.5% of our users' money is kept in cold storage with multi-signature technology

. Time investors and organizations alike for seasoned, knowledge a complete stack trade table.

. A Time trading opposition and Airdrop sharing.

. Designed about both cellular and desktop products. Access accounts, support, equipment, and assets 24*7

. Risk administration and capital maintenance are keys to achievement in this sector and bitcoinbing Risk Strategy System will end up being advantageous to traders and traders as well.

. Producing details for personal tax and files obligations made since primary since a few mouse clicks. Specify a epoch, currency exchange, a single asset or a whole accounts.

. The bitcoinbing Consumer Support Program shall consist of live chat where existing, support ticketing program and devoted support lines to streamline providers and assure users are promptly used treatment of. The Bitcoinbing Exchange consumer interface is created for customization, allowing investors and traders to individualize the platform to their requires.

Symbol Bing

The Bing Token is the initial token of the Bitcoinbing platform provided to non-transactional traders, using it to pay a transaction fee on the Bitcoinbing trading platform. This implies that Bitcoinbing boosts its capital, launches it with functional items and offers practical benefits to advantage the consumer directly. Symbol resources are function tags, through smart agreement development, that can be utilized in a range of methods. In the example of Bing, it can be done to pay for providers on the system as well as at zero purchase costs.

Bitcoinbing Token Details

Total Token : 1 billion

Tokens for sale : 150,000,000

Token name : BING

Soft cap : $ 4 Million

Hard cap : $ 40 Million

Token price : 1BING =0.50 USD

Token Allocation


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