I used BlockTardes when I came into Steemit- Forced to on the way out.

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Seems there is no other option still.


I came in with heavy deposits and lost big using blocktrades - approximately 400 dollars on every single deposit just because they wanted a few extra dollars using wrong price quotes.

I could have transfered the same 10 bitcoins to Poloniex (a reputable exchange at the time) and then to Stemint, but that would have only allowed $2000 dollars per 24 hour period and I as powering up fast. I put in over $400k in within a couple weeks. Not a chance to get that kind of money into Steemit fast and fight the good fight via any other method except elbow-deep-in-my-as- blocktrades.

Here I am again. It seems that Blocktrades has decided to quote within forty cents of the real figures for some coins that I have checked (not 20 dollars off on each as before.) morre info on lack of optoins in a bit.

Now there is a new danger.

I have written once about this an I will write about it again and again.

Steem connect routinely asks for your owner key.

I have never eve used my owner private key except the 1st day that I signed up.

You need your owner key for only 3 things:

  • Day one, to get your positng and active keys
  • In case someone gets your posting or active key - to change those
  • in case of a bad hard disk - to recover your account.
    these are similar reasons to use any private key for any real crypto currnecy.

Choose "manual transfer" until they stop this none-sense!

Yes. Blocktrades is offering to accept your owner key as if a fee isn't good enough to stay in business, No, as if a fee and a quote well biased to their side isn't enough to stay in business. No, they need your main, active or owner key to make a trade "easier for you". I think I can handle a destination and and amount and a memo to do my transfer, the same as I would for @booster or to pay someone in Steem.


Steem Connect and Steem related sites such as DTube

Have both asked me for my owner private key and I have never entered it.
I have written about it. Since then, there is an option to enter and active key, giving anyone who intercepts the key the ability to empty my Steem, SP and SBD as easily as I can.

This is not right nor acceptable

Any one key and your Steem is gone.

The downfall of crypto comes...

When sites just ask for the top level private key and people paste it in.

Just simply asking for the key which allows your money to be taken is criminal!


Here is a run down on options if you are invested in Steem or SBD :

There is the six month wait to have a deposit credited to Poloniex, if you have a problem ticket open.

The Government boot on the neck of bittrex to get my documentation and they will not let you take out any money till you give it up.

Lots of new scammy / referral linkish new exchanges that want your crypto. Shapeshift has Steem and SBC on Temporarily Disabled for over a year - Thanks Erik Voorheese
Changelly was open today but Blocktrades beeth them Current Steem $3.33, BlockTrades $3.03 (minus fees) and Changelly $2.92 I was actually shocked to see Steem on the list as my steem has been locked in a brokent gateway for over two months, I have been looking for a place to change a little steem out.

Then most sadly. Bitshares let me watch as bitcoin hit 19k and go back to 7k and up again near 10k while my Steem and SBD deposits were stuck in some heavy duty gateway maintenance thing. They were open when I made the deposit!!

The lack of any reliable exchanges to deposit or withdraw steem/SBC (waiting over two month s for a broken gateway on bitshares with a snyde remark in the support ticket which has been closed over and over as if solved, though my money has not arrived in the exchange. I bit my tongue for over two months now. And I am finally, sadly, speaking out.

Hi Htooms,
Please read this article https://blog.openledger.info/2017/12/18/openledger-official-web-sites-get-updates-by-the-first/
As you know the STEEM and SBD gateways are under maintenance https://blog.openledger.info/2017/12/29/golosgbg-steemsbd-gateways-are-temporarily-disabled/ since 29.12.2017

Your funds are already at r8tvw3-d940-df6jzent-6q23gjds and b6z6q9-d940-4p0d0jqj-63n4hpvv, but you will be able to see them only when gate will be opened. So you just need to wait.

Dated January 24th, 2018

Oh how I really wanted bitshares to be the solution

I really wanted this to be the place that takes off as more and more .com exchanges get hacked. Most sites are disabling Steem and SBD. Other sites have no history. They are way to new to consider using.

So here are our choices.. and the problems with each

1 Upbit : Too new to trust
2 Bittrex : Government Forcing all to submit Documentation
3 Binance : Too new to trust
4 Upbit : Too new to trust
5 Poloniex : Not trustwrothy. Holds deposits for six months at times.
6 Binance : Too new to trust
7 Binance : Too new to trust
8 OpenLedger : Deposit gateways have been closed for over two months
9 Poloniex : Not trustwrothy. Holds deposits for six months at times.
11 OpenLedger : Deposit gateways have been closed for over two months
12 OpenLedger : Deposit gateways have been closed for over two months
13 OpenLedger : Deposit gateways have been closed for over two months
14 Shapeshift: Steem temporarily disabled since I joined Steemit
15 Changelly: Steem temporarily disabled since a month after I joined Steemit

Edit: Changelly is up but paying way less than blocktrades today.

Sad state of affairs.
Please steer around any site that asks for "main" or "owner" keys.
Don't give anyone access to your (pick one)coin private keys either.

Thanks for taking time...

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on the Bitcoin (or another reliable decentralized) blockchain.

No longer posting my Open Lendger or Bitshares link. I will be un-boarding one trader per month - halting any new on-boarding until the gateways for deposits are fixed. I have 50 traders that were buying bitUSD from me via bitshares- 6 to 10 of traders per month. and they will all go back to Dash and Ethereum purchases.

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Well i have i have experience some tie down on open ledger but i was forced to convert my steem and sbd to bitcoin then transfer them to bittrex. I don't have problem with bittrex asking for documentation i think they are just trying to operate in a more professional way in case there is problem in the future as the document can be use to serve as prove of ownership of asset.


If you were an American citizen then you would surely have a problem with it. If you had millions you would definitely have a problem with it. If roun riverstones suddenly became valuable, they would want one out of every 5 you collect. I say - Go to the river and get them yourself.

We added the option to pay with steemconnect instead of a manual transfer because we believe they are both at relatively the same security level for most Steem users: I believe most users use the steemit.com web to do their transfers, which requires an active key to be entered into the web page. Steemconnect requires the same. Neither service transmits the key beyond the user's browser (i.e. the key never leaves the user's computer), assuming the sites themselves aren't compromised. It's my understanding that steemconnect's management is going to be handed over to steemit, which would put them at pretty much exactly the same security level.

Now it is true that if these web servers were compromised, keys entered after the compromise could be exposed until control of the web servers were re-established by the rightful owners. This is a real potential security hole, but it's not a new one for most users. But for users who hold a lot of Steem, especially if they hold it liquid form, I think a better option is to keep your funds in a command-line wallet and use it for transfers. The risk is not as high for accounts that store most of their Steem as Steem Power, because they can potentially do an account recovery to regain control of the account before the Steem Power can be powered down.

Maintaining and using a command-line wallet is probably more work than most casual steem users want to do, but it's probably the best way to protect a large amount of liquid Steem. It's the way we protect our liquid Steem holdings and I believe many Steem whales do the same thing.

I'm not sure why you mentioned owner keys in this context: owner keys are not required to do a transfer and users should always use their active key rather than owner key for such operations.


I have no problem with letting you have my active key, as I would notice the first power down. New users may not notice anything if not warned what power comes with that key.

My problem is with the new users who have given up the owner key. I have been on the phone most of today telling them to clear their accounts because they can be locked out. An owner key allows the one who has it to change all three keys including the owner key.

I have a Dash master node,which requires 1000 Dash in one account, and Dash has neither asked me for my private keys nor spoken about the risks of doing so.


I agree with you that steemconnect should probably not mention the option of using the owner key as opposed to the active key. I would change the wording now, but it's not our site that hosts that code. But I'll raise the issue with steemconnect guys and see what they say.


Could you add a pop up alert to your site when people choose to use Steemconnect? Something along the line of please remember to use your active key to help keep your account secure?


Could you add a pop up alert to your site when people choose to use Steemconnect? Something along the line of please remember to use your active key to help keep your account secure?


thanks to @blocktrades I am very comfortable doing tranfer with the addition of new features.

Ok, I think I understand your point about the owner keys: Steemconnect in an apparently excessive drive for technical accuracy mentions that you can enter your owner key as well as your active key to do a transfer. I never really paid much attention to that since to me it's very clear that you should always use your active key when possible instead of your owner key. But new/inexperienced users might not know that. It seems like a change in wording to the dialog should be considered by steemconnect team, to strongly recommend use of active key rather than owner key.


Now I am uncertain if SteemConnect is part of blocktrades. Either way, that key should not traverse the nic cable that goes to one's router.

I have seen the same request on eSteem, the mobile app and if you switch to advanced sign in mode, it will allow a posting and active entry instead. I have the developer's email address and will bring this up with him.

Lastly, I am glad to see your exchange much more in line with prices on the average prices on other exchanges. I lost thousands using blocktrades when I first powered t is account up into the top 100 on steemwhales (in two weeks), compared to what I would have spent sending bitcoin to Poloniex and then bringing it in $2k per day. But I needed the SP right then to double my power against people who were crushing new comers.


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I lost few hundred dollars as well today because of block trades :((

That's why I have been wary to join DTube or enter my key for anything other than Steemit. Seems too risky and my account barely has anything in it. Maybe having a secondary account specifically for other sites makes sense so if they get hacked then hopefully the main account is protected. I use blocktrades all the time and I appreciate how easy it is to use, but I definitely still do the "old way" of pasting memos.


I have given my active and posting keys out to sites (bots) that use them for good. But all my steem is in SP. I monitor those accounts weekly to see if anything is disappearing. If so, then out comes thei Owner Key and I change the other two. Risky, I know but never put more on line than you are able to lose. For me that figure is 200k in a single account. More than that and it would bother me to lose it.

Hi @htooms, as it is already posted on your post and I have also encountered many problems on both bittrex and in poloniex !, but are you sure that the best optional blocktrades for steam exchange or sbd?

Thanks for that info - it is a long post but an informative and important one so I took the time and read it though, then I went right away to steemd and checked what privileges have been granted by me to dmania, busy and so on and I am happy to say it's only the posting key :) so I'm calm now.

it's frustrating that a person can't have a normal private way to trade crypto - in my country people often just meet and transfer crypto for cash but it's not practical for very large amounts of crypto I guess :/
I hope Bitshares will get things working again - I really like this service.


I hae customers who buy crypto who are changing to a new account because they have unwittingly given out their 'Owner Key' . Why? Because they were asked for it.

This is a shame.

Very informative information shared @htooms. I don't mind this issue. Now I updated and need to find more. Thanks.

@htooms, That's extremely very supporting post to steemians how to see big issues in blockchai. I'm sorry for hear about your lost. I guess now you're solve those problem. Yep... there is a new danger I've seen after looked your blog. Thanks for your recommendation.

Wow. Thanks for the headsup. Seems bittrex is the most reliable and affordable exchange site

I first used Poloniex to conduct transfers but they lost some of my SBD so I ditched them. Currently I usually use blocktrades to transfer in or out of Steem/SBD but due to Blocktrades inaccurate pricing I’m slowly beginning to consider switching to Binance.

As an exchange Binance is older than Blocktrades, Binance has way more volume so the withdrawal/trade fees are enough(no exchange rate tricky). Also Binance is way more reputable with its ceo being a publicly know figure. The biggest issue I see is that to Binance Steem is just another crypto so issues might get fixed slower.

Excelente trabajo, esto abre los ojos a quienes comenzamos. Gracias!

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Check out freewallet, they let you change currencies/coins and they have a steem wallet it seems, I used them last when BTG came out and changed the btg through their app 2-3 weeks later.


I have been watching free Wallet for years because they always have a wallet. But they are never open source and never give you your private keys. I worry about things like that. Don't you?

Let me know if you read different info.

  ·  3년 전

Nope, all I know is that they have a history and show their faces/aren't faceless. You got me there, I used them because of the free BTG but as I've said they exchange as well as hold.

Excellent post dear friend @htooms, all you say is very useful and very accurate, it is amazing how people can trust to deliver their private keys.

It is true with the exchange platforms, there are not many options the vast majority are defective or as you say too many new ones to put a lot of money in their hands, as I told you I work with Bitrex and on Friday I remembered you. I made a transfer of sbd and I never credited and I have three claims without any solution, I hope that at least they respond to me on Monday, luckily it is not much money, for now and until I resolve not send anything to my account.

I will have to find another exchange platform if this is not solved.

Thank you very much for sharing all your experience in this field and the healthy recommendations you make to the people of this platform.

I wish you a prosperous week

That must be recent, I've never been asked to enter my owner key for blocktrades. People are indebted to you for writing this post, as hopefully, considering they saw it and appear to be listening, that will change now.


Hey you. I get answers from the and they are allowing "active key only" now.

Another thing. I sometimes wish that you know who, knew who you know who was cuz she contacts him all the time and you are the only one who knew. if you still know.


Hahaha, that is by far the most cryptic message I've ever received here. I do have a long memory and I'm clear on what I only knew...when 'someone' was finished with this place- but the she--a cute friend of mine perhaps, one who likes water? I'm great at secrets, not that awesome at being cryptic lol. I do still have email if I'm off the mark.


Yeah, she does drink a lot of water. I have a really long cryptic memory and sorry if I stretched yours a bit. Sure, write if you like.


I wrote :)


gmail. dreemit247. And I can delete that comment if you want lol. Just let me know via this comment if you're going to email so I can look for it ;)


Sorry - I had to answer blocktrades above.


Why would you apologize for that? Every bit of that exchange was productive. :)
btw I wrote you an email ;}

I do fear for people giving out their keys to sites they shouldn't trust. There has been a recent fraud around this. Your owner key should be kept somewhere very safe and very rarely used.


Now I am sorry for bringing people in. I am asking each one if they are using SteemConnect and what key they are providing. I DO warn them to never touch the Owner key after the first day but nobody listens.


If you power up Steem you’re somewhat protected, right?


If it is all powered up and you know where to look on your wallet, you would notice a new line (right before history) that says "The next power down is scheduled to happen in 2 days." which would mean the hacker got your key and started the power down 5 days ago. When the steem becomes liquid in two days, they can take it out.


True, but it’s only a small percent of your what your powering down that you get weekly. I mean it’s bad and I don’t know how you’d fix the problem (can you rekey?) but it’s at least slightly better than a full loss of value.


For the sake of round numbers, let's say I have $13k in SP. One day I notice that my next power down is in 1 day (that means I had not noticed it for 6 days).

The hacker - the one who stole my active key - is about to get 1,000 liquid Steem tomorrow. (and 1000 per week for 13 weeks if I never notice).

So I whip out my owner key and change the active and passive keys today. Tomorrow comes, and since he no longer can move my money around, I just power the 1,000 back up. Problem solved.

My beef with Steemconnect...
They ask people to put in their owner key. If a person doesn't know how dangerous that is, they will be the one locked out of moving money around - they will lose the whole account as the hacker can change all three, owner, active, and posting.


Very true! I misunderstood and thought the owner key was the active key(I might’ve lost my owner key). Anyways you’re 100% correct this key loss would be the same as having a wallet emptied.

What is my point?

Hey, let's make a car that only works for three months! Bet we well have the happiest customers around.


A very brilliant idea @htooms.

Look it's truthful but what else are the people left to due just sit on there steel for ever till there is a new way to withdraw? @htooms
I liked this post it has my full attention

I've used bittrex without any issues but only dealing with small amounts.

Also, wtf is up with all the spam?


I hit their upper limit pretty fast and the held my money . If you look back on my posts, you will see that I paid someone $100 for their documentation - completely not mine. Got my money unlocked and then blogged about it. So, by now they know I am not who I put in the form. Bittrex is out - not an option. But the Goverment can go after this guy who will deny every trading in crypto :)


Very good post, this is very useful for people who just joined in steemit and who do not understand about BlockTardes. Thank you for sharing this very valuable information @htooms, and hopefully you have a wonderful day for all the good you have done.

I am a new player who has not yet learned in security account at steemit, and a few days ago I found a post that discusses the warning scam sites that ask users to connect with steemconnect,,
I would like to ask is there any sign of scam sites or how the anticipation of a stolen account.
thanks for your information @htooms

Very good....... a very useful post @htooms, ready to just wanting to STEEM menukat/SBD be bitcoin, please use bloktrades, stages its very easy, just follow the steps that are in the account blocktrades, afterwards just wait your STEEM/SBD be directly exchanged into BITCOIN ...yessssssss

A very good information @htooms. This is very useful for everyone, especially for myself. Honestly, I do not yet understand about BlockTardes. Therefore, the information you share is very useful to me. I often read people's articles on BlockTardes and Bitcoin, because I want to learn about it. Because I also just joined in steemit, so very little I know about steemit. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work ... :)

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thank you for sharing with us for the future I will always mengambillangkah to be careful

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as the right choice of what you tera above, the safer bittrex because they never close the wallet sbd or steem


Yeah, but they will keep your money and not let you take it out unless you give them your passport, latest electric bill, photo id, name, address, city, state, country, ss#.

Until then, they are great.


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This post was so informative and useful. I am a newbie here, thank you for sharing @htooms.

thanks for information on blocktrade and other exchange side🙂

thanks for the info, didn't realize on these other platforms you could use the active key because like you said in the dialogue it says master key...

it is very dangerous if the active key is taken over by the irresponsible person

a very good post @htooms thank you for sharing his friend's information

Thanks for the information about block trades..That’s really sad news that bitcoin coin price is not increasing and SBD is decreasing...cryptocurrency and its market is big challenges me to understand😁


waw, I guess you just copy paste the same text over and over or use someones comment and paste it without even reading what the guy here just wrote about... if you think it is to much work to accualy get involved in what has been written and give a decent comment or atleast something that has to do with the writer and what he has written then why are you even doing effort? you will earn much more by just putting some real energy in this commentthingy then what you are doing now... you would atleast earn something...


Why do you think i just copy paste..I know this post is about block trades and I’m new on this platform to understand this thing..if i was wrong then you should give some advice.and this is my first comment on his post.

There is a lot of great experience. Experience on the way of life is real. There are profit losses. So you have to give up. Hope to succeed, hopefully, succeed.

hope you succeed

I'm not even using steemconnect I just hate inserting my keys left and right, I'm using manual method ;-)

This is the heyday of Steemit.
You have a long history in Steemit. Many things have now changed to be easier and more efficient.

This is a time of revival of a new era, a new world economy. and new world social media.

thank your friends for the suggestions you have given us. this will be a very rewarding experience. thanks @htooms

I am pleased, @blocktrades already become official third party exchange in steemit.

saya se.PNG


Now, if their exchange price was accurate to the boards, then all would be good. They are ripping me off less and less now, a year later.


Some of my friends have also experienced similar things like you. To be honest, since I was first in steemit until now, I've never used blocktrades at all. Because I prefer Exchanges than banks. Somehow I consider blocktrades is a bank LOL. He has its own market/price, not confronted to all sellers/buyers.


What does “official third-party” mean? Doesn’t official mean first-party?

I usually use the services of blocktrades when swapping my SBD to Bitcoin, in using blocktrades is not difficult just to insert a memo in the wallet steemit, without error ..
The first time I knew blocktrades, I thought this was really hard, the way it is not like I imagine ..


Not saying it's hard... I am saying they took $450 extra for every 10,000 I ran through them about a year ago which added up to well over #20,000 - I don't want to look it up, it's painful.


Thank you enlightenment @htooms

information that is very useful for beginners like me. thanks @htooms

Helpful information.i will keep in mind while I will doing mine . Thanks for the share :)

very informative blog....essential for myself...

This post has received a 32.16 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @htooms.

In conclusion, the right choice for now is Bittrex.
I use Bittrex to exchange steem or Steem Dollars.

If Poloniex, they often close the SBD tranfers or steem from Steemit to Poloniex or vice versa.

Hopefully there is a more right choice in the future


When they ask you for your document, you can expect a call from the

Thanks For the info brother

wow... your post is very impresive for me because you sharing details about it and i like to read it.....

Where does blocktrades get their prices from? It's like they charge 10%+ on each side of the trade.

a very useful post @htooms, ready to just wanting to STEEM menukat/SBD be bitcoin, please use bloktrades, stages its very easy, just follow the steps that are in the account blocktrades, afterwards just wait your STEEM/SBD be directly exchanged into BITCOIN ...

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so is that safe or not for us to use our private key


Only the Posting key!

If you past your Active key anywhere but steemit, then you may need to watch your account for suspicious activity and be prepared (and know how) to change your P and A keys.


Blocktrades are always up front and be the solution

Thanks for in the informastion @htooms

Extraordinary. Thank you for important information ..

Honestly, I do not yet understand about BlockTardes. Therefore, the information you share is very useful to me. I often read people's articles on BlockTardes and Bitcoin, because I want to learn about it. Because I also just joined in steemit, so very little I know about steemit. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work.

Thank your friends for the suggestions you have given us. this will be a very rewarding experience. thanks @htooms

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Great way to exchange. Very useful post . Thanks @htooms

Thanks for the information sir.

You are very talented in the participation of a new thing

The thing is, bittrex seems like the devil we know, yeah, the documentation I support because of criminals who may be thieves.

However poloneix for me is a negative I won't have my fund be held in there for so long,

I think bittrex is still trustworthy well they all have their disadvantages.

This list of different exchanges is exacly like it is. Well gotta say awesome posting. Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thanks for informasi @htooms

I found different way from your blogging @htooms. Very educative, I don't think blocktraders has like these issues. But Everyone gives up experience how will working in future. Can be loss some money. But experience hold much money loss. Thanks for share your information .

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Owner key is meant to be private and kept in a safe place... You can't trust most of these sites... Active key is like your other half.. Keep it safe

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Poliniex have always been one which not to trust.. Great and awesome posting. Upvoted! you rock dude.

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