15 Minute Anywhere Beginner Workout (Body Weight Only)

4년 전

Hey everyone!

I've posted some beginner and no-weight workouts before and I wanted to give another option for those who are using those first workouts I posted


The 10's Bodyweight Workout - https://steemit.com/dtube/@brianturner/9wbmuiay
Anywhere Workout (Opt. Weights): https://steemit.com/dtube/@brianturner/vcb1344s


Complete All 4 exercises for 1 cycle

Complete 3 cycles on first workout & increase up to 10

Start with 3 reps on each exercise, move up to 10 reps per set

- 1 - Air Squat
- 2 Plank Knee Crunch
- 3 Push Up (Knee or Full)
- 4 Half Supermen

This workout is great for building core strength and overall stabilizing muscles in the body that you will NEED to have before you move into the more traditional weight training workouts and more intense exercises. You can do this to help build core strength, to burn some calories and to break up your long days in a desk chair! Don't let your posture deteriorate, it's much harder to fix it than to prevent it!

Thanks for coming in and supporting, I appreciate you!

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Hey @brianturner unsure if you saw my other post but just wanted to say I believe in what you do bringing fitness and positivity to people. I saw on MinnowBooster you were chasing 195SP so I've delegated to you and hope it helps a bit. I really enjoy helping others so if helping boost your SP can in turn bring bigger upvotes to smaller minnows then that's a win for everyone :) Peace!


Oh man, I just saw that went through! Thank you so much for that! Steemit is the best, I appreciate the support


Too easy man. Always trying to help people in one way or another. I've been on here over a year and still can't really find a niche to grow followers but I'm still having fun with it all. You've inspired me to do a workout today so that's a win :)

I gotta try it out!!

I have been struggling with personal body image issues but haven't been doing workouts of any sort for so long.. I have to start somewhere and your routines are perfect.

Thanks for cross-posting your video on Dtube. I hope you find that this platform is better than the other's you've been in.

Booya! I'm all about the body weight. Very good to be able to workout anytime anywhere :) I love those planks, monsterous!


I agree! That's why I like to get these workouts up, I know a lot of people don't have the equipment or time for big workouts at gyms!

  ·  4년 전

Fantastic man, always hear people say they want a quick routine they can do anywhere because they don't have time. Great idea making this video :)

love this..! let it burn lol.
Keep inspire people with your page bro. upvote and followed you :)
I posted my first video on Dtube maybe interesting for some people. and maybe you got some tips for me. https://d.tube/#!/v/mrtitanium/92u75r80

@brianturner This is the perfect confirmation i desired, this is so much in relationship with my recent post. It should qlso be an essential solution to what is discussed in the link, This can help fellow steemians to live better lives, thanks once again it was a great post.


I started today with this workout. It was hard. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Ooh man.. I always dream about ''how to make my body sixpact'' but it does'nt work😥

Thanks for sharing this! I love working out and I'm always looking for new workouts. Will definitely give it a try soon! :)

Now I feel I need to be more consistent with my lazy ass. Am a gym enthusiast but turns out I allow alot of things get in my way too much. Nice post mate

guys great work out, I see it very useful, when someone want start at gym, it's like a ignition :)

  • 1 - Air Squat

Bodyweight is cool and all... but squatting with just the bodyweigh! I love the feeling i get when i put 180kg in my back and squat, being 1 inch away from death, now that's the stuff xD


Hahahah certainly is a great feeling as well :D

Do you recommend any exercise to replace the push-ups?
I injured myself on my wrist and now its painful to put my hand on the ground and make force on it.

I´m doing 5 min Plank (normal) instead of the push-ups, while a very complete exercise, it doesn't make much for my biceps.