Flow Fit 4 - Complete 7 moves animated

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So the final move "spinal rock" has been added. Key to doing it safely is to keep the chin tucked tightly to the chest and do not force it. Increase slowly so that you do not hurt your neck. I find that is great as an active stretch.

I animated this so that I could memorise, understand and share it in a small file size. I love the idea of cardio, strength, mindfulness, flexibility and body/gravity awareness training all in a repeatable sequence.

Flow Fit 4 is the most advanced level, injured or elderly would be better searching for Flow Fit 1 from Scott Sonnon, I believe he sells the whole series on-line and it is not hugely expensive. (I do not make anything from the link, just giving credit where it is due).

The most confusing part of the routine is this move, which I have recreated in slow motion below - the leg swoop. Remember these are the advanced moves, do not feel bad to download or search youtube for flow fit level 1 or 2.

So what next?
I am really keen to learn how to use hydrofoils - "foils" for windsurfing and SUP, perhaps I will work on that.

Keep Moving and stay focused


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This exercise is also difficult and it will also strengthen your body. Best.

wow exercise is most important daily life..thanks sir for share..

I like this post it nice