Old Shoes Die Hard

2개월 전

I just finished a 6.22km run that lasted about 0hh:37mm:39ss !


Oh boy. I'm tired. Feeling drastically unprepared for the upcoming half marathon.

Forgot my running shoes at work, it seems. Running in my old pair today, so I set out to take it slow -- but I still struggled with todays run.

Stopped at the water to take a photo or two, as one does, and then had some minor technical difficulties with my phone before I got going again.

I guess the remainder of the run was at a pretty decent pace though...



Things this run made me consider:

  • Add a shoe tracker to EXHAUST;
  • Get split info showing up again;
  • Get the EXHAUST comment-bot running again;
  • Probably some other stuff too.

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST!

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