Nanaimo River - Sept 30th

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I just finished an afternoon climbing that lasted about 2hh:0mm:0ss !


Got out and climbed three different routes out there. Nice to see that there's some new development ongoing in the area still. I always get a kick out of seeing various placards or signs for routes.


Yesterday, I took a 'mental health day' off of work. The day started by checking the forecast, and immediately understanding that if I were to go to work and look out the window at the blue-sky all day from my desk, that I would lose my fucking mind.

Enter: the day off.

@caitycat and I got out for a nice morning / early afternoon of climbing at the Nanaimo River. I always forget how pebble-y and conglomerate / basalt the style of climbing there is. Not a whole lot of positive handholds, and the routes are generally less than vertical -- requiring a lot of trust in your feet and some solid balancing.

  • Hips into the wall;
  • Trust your feet;
  • Learn how to hold onto a sloper of pebbles rather than nice crimps or jugs.

  • First route (5.9 - "Evaporator") wasn't very fun or interesting -- I think it was bolted because it was the obvious blank face in the wall;
  • 2nd route (5.8 - I forget the name off-hand) - An enjoyable 1-star 5.8 route. Nice an easy climbing for @caitycat to get into it;
  • 3rd route (5.10a - "Bat Shit") -- Now we're getting into it. This climb has some nicer features like side-pulls and some big flakes to get into some interesting body positions. Definitely a bit more enjoyable.

Getting out there yesterday has inspired me to work on the GIS database back end. Gonna work on it this weekend, and hopefully get a proof-of-concept running where I can start ticking some climbs (indoor or outdoor), and getting some route developers like @flemingfarm to start adding info for their crags.

Stay tuned! And if you're a fan of [MountainProject or TheCrag -- let me know what some of your favorite features are!


Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST!

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Yes it was a beautiful day! Looking forward to hopefully climbing in Kelowna this month! Better rock, more people, more routes!!

That's pretty cool having the routes labeled like that. Something to think about on our routes.

Lower angle is great especially after working a vert or overhanging route. Or as a good warmup to the same.

For your db the one thing that i find lacking on all sites is a way to make topos easily, or overhead guides, or topos from pictures. Not sure that is something in your wheelhouse or not but it could make your site standout from others.


It's fair to say that nothing I'm doing currently is "in my wheelhouse". All a learning exercise, so I appreciate the suggestion. Adding some functionality so someone can create a topo from a picture is definitely sometime I want to include.