Lunch Run

2년 전

I just finished a 11.056km running that lasted about 0hh:50mm:39ss !


I can still run, so I will...#staystrong

It was raining for most of my run but I'm not complaining as I am lucky to still get the chance to run. I've been working hard over the past few weeks on my marathon heart rate and feel like my average times are coming down as my heart rate is also staring low and consistent.

Hopefully, I can keep running and hope everyone else is able to get out and run when they need to.
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So nice buddy u still can run outdoor. My country declare emergency already for the covid 19 pandemic. What I can do is jut doing HIIT at home for 2 weeks🤣🤣💪

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Yeah...I'm grateful to still be able to go outside, but I think we will be confined indoors soon. Stay safe @king-cobra and hopefully we'll get out of this better people.