Vlog #149 - Do it! Retire in Mexico. Move to Mexico. ✈

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In today's Mexico vlog, we wanted to answer some questions we've been getting on our channel a lot lately. People have been wondering:
Should I travel to Mexico?
Should I retire in Mexico?
Is moving to Mexico a good idea?
Is Mexico safe?

The list could go on. To make things easier, we compiled a list of the things we LOVE the most about Mexico and that make it a great place to retire or move. These things come from our experience traveling in almost 20 cities, 5 Mexican states, and spending nearly 6 months in the country. (And we aren't planning to leave any time soon.)

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

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Mexico city is beautiful and very famous I enjoyed your post.

yes! its really safe Mexico i was last year visit mexico its so nice place i a lot enjoyed you can go if you want thank you


It's definitely far from what they portray on the US media :)

Hola muchachos
Excelente vídeo.
¿Debo viajar a México?
Me encantaría visitarlo y pasar una temporada
¿Debería retirarme en México?
Creo que no tengo la capacidad financiera para hacerlo pero sería genial
¿México es seguro?
Al igual que muchos países en el planeta se debe tener cuidado y no frecuentar lugares de poca reputación.
Ustedes son excelentes personas al igual que LASKA que es excelente perro.
Me encanto el picantómetro.
Curioso... prefirieron darle más vida a los árboles respetando su espacio.
Saludos y Gracias por existir

Best. Video. Ever. For so many reasons.

I really can't afford to live in the US. I am going to try to get my disabled son set up where he wants to live in a year and go to Ajijic or near it for my retirement. I also need to make more here on steemit so I can. My SSI is to low to stay without having to come and go every 6 months.


We'll actually be heading to Ajijic soon to make some videos there :)

I know the income requirements for temporary/permanent residency vary based on where you go in the US. I hear Vegas and one other have the lowest income requirements, but I don't remember what the 2nd city was.


i am sure great things are awaiting you...

wow has been a great experience your stay in Mexico, full of adventures emotions, affection, and learnings. You have been the best guides. I congratulate you always so great and fun. Mexico is a great city and if I move to that city. Greetings friends


It really has been full of adventures and it has taught us a lot. Thanks for watching :)

Yeah .really safe in mexico .good country

apnadeer onek sundor lagce.....

I'm not live there but i think so it's a safe country can you tell me why you move from Mexico to other countries

Thanks upvote me please


So many people view the unknown as scary. I was reading this book about a guy who was driving around the world and he said that it never fails, people will be like "It's perfectly safe here but don't go to XYZ (neighboring state or country), it's too dangerous there!" And then the people at that next "dangerous" place would say something similar.

Excellent work..just upvoted and followed..

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I watch this video and hope to pay attention to me.

You have made me fall in love with this country and i would definitely love to visit. Mexico has ticked a lot of boxes for me and i would definitely love to be there.

Good job guys.


It's crazy to think that at this point in time, we've only explored a small portion of the country. Thanks for always watching :)


Mexico is too big. Only a small portion?? Mexico is just like Nigeria but there are more fun spots there i think.


Mexico sounds fun


Super fun. Where do you stay?