Sharing the experience.


It's been one week one week since I

stepped into steemit and you know

what?? It's been fun.

Sharing my little experience here in the

first one week of my stay is what I

couldn't avoid.

To be honest, I have enjoyed myself here,

reading funny comments, reading funny

posts, laughing so hard all day sharing

and helping others have been amazing.

I am someone that loves making friends,

and being here has been an opportunity

to meet and chat with different lovely

people around the world and in the

course of these, make new friends.

I really want to create a positive impact

and add value here but I guess I still need

someone to help me do that cos I'm still new.

Thanks everyone.

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First off, welcome to steemit, @indoleboss. I have been here a few months and I feel this is a rewarding platform. I was told by the person who introduced me that it takes time to build connections. I wish you luck and look forward to reading your posts.