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Hello to all you Steemians around the world

and welcome to the weekly Extraordinary 📷 Photochallenge

🏆 3 Winners each week and 💰SBD Prize Money to win

➤ Weekly changing Themes


Show me your shots made out of a Airplane


Example Source: Pixabay


  • First and most important rule: only use your personal images.
  • Photo entries must be placed in the reply/comment section of this post including a short description of the scene
  • To participate you also have to upvote the Submission post. Resteem is not a must but will help to increase the number of participants and thus the Prize Money at the end
  • Participants have time to enter between the Submission Post until 1 day prior post payout to enter this contest.
  • Only one Entry per week


  • Each week I will pick 3 Winners: 🥇 1st Place 🥈 2nd Place and 🥉 3rd Place
  • Winners will be announced in a Winners Announcement Post 1-2 days after Post Payout
  • The Prize Money will be 60% of the total liquid SBD payout of the Submission Post
    Means, the more people participate the higher the Prize Money gets
  • These 60% of the SBD get split into the 3 Winners: 🥇1st 50% / 🥈2nd 30% / 🥉3rd 20%
  • All 3 winners will get an upvote on one of their last posts


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This was taken on the way back from a trip to America last year. My wife and I had been traveling a long time and she was almost asleep in the seat next to me. As I stared out of the window I saw a strange light in the Sky, I quickly grabbed my camera and fired off a shot - Black. My battery was dying so I cranked the ISO up as far as I dared and snapped another shot, the 'writing' light blinked for a moment before the camera died. By the time I got around to uploading the shot I'd almost forgotten about it, then this shot popped up on screen. There, in all it's glory, was the Northern Lights! Captured a millisecond before my camera battery died completely!


amazing capture! 👍

Yeh! Here is the theme for me!
This is a photo from my last vacations. It was taken on 16th Jan 2018, flight Kyiv - Rome. The halo effect and the moment was very unusual, I never saw it before. You can see my plane in it. Hope you'll enjoy it too!
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7


great shot. thanks for participating

I read your rules twice and couldn't find anything about not using Photoshop!
I took this photo on my flight to my exchange year in Australia some years ago. At college, I attended a photo class and this was where I did my first experiments with Photoshop:

Click on image to enlarge


Nice one. Of course you can edit as much as you want. Not sure if this one makes it, but it was worth a try! 😉

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Cooles Sache! Ich versuche auch mal mein Glück mit dieser Nacht aufnahme aus dem Flugzeug. Vielleicht erkennt jemand hier diese Stadt :)
Ps: Als kleine Hilfe sage ich euch dass es eine Stadt in der Schweiz ist mit einem See dass man dort als Schwarzes Loch sieht ;-P


Die Limmatstadt!


sehr cooles Bild!

image This was on the way to Slovenia not sure what caused this little plume but it was pretty!


this is the reason why I´ve chosen this Theme. Cool shot

Toller Contest! Das kann ich mir nicht entgehen lassen:

October 2008 KTM -> PBH Drukair
Flying high, but Mt. Everest is still higher!


geniale Aufnahme. Ich wusste da kommen paar coole Fotos ans Tageslicht.

Wow, great pictures in the replys already!
Here's my picture for this contest. It's not easy to get a good shot out of a plane window! :D
Here, it was a short moment while the sun was behind the wing's top. It was on my regular way to Turkey and I just love being above the clouds, where the sun always shines! :)


sehr schönes Foto. Danke fürs mitmachen

Nice contest.. Unfortunately I've never flown yet ;)


no problem, the themes will change weekly. so I hope you will be able to participate next week.


I love taking photos out of an airplane, and so I am super excited about this competition! I'm just sorry I can only make one entry. It made it very difficult to choose :) But I chose this shot, which was taken on final approach to Edinburgh, Scotland as we returned from a week long trip to Paris. We were lucky in that the time at which we took off was such that we chased the sunset the entire flight home. It was wonderful.


well done. great shot


I think this subject needs a repetition - I also found much more great pictures... :D
Very good idea, @betterthanhome! I'm curious about the next subject and all the great pictures!


haha glad you like it. maybe if I run out of Ideas we can do a repitition. 😉

I didn't take much photos out of an plane, but I found one for this challenge. I took this photo of an beautiful sunrise few years ago on my flight from Singapore to Germany.

For full view, please click on the image!