Split the Tongue to Remove the Navel, the most extreme body modification in australia

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image ** #sourceistagram**

Ethan Bramble, a 21-year-old man known for being the most extreme modified in Australia, is because his body is very different with tattoos and accessories. According to Ethan, he began to change his body since he was 11 years old. In addition to having 150 tattoos, Ethan has had more than 40 different body modifications.

imageEthan split his tongue in half ** #sourceistagram**

For example wiping her navel, splitting her tongue, and covering her eyes with ink. People ask him about why he changed his body. She replied, "what she does just like when someone coloring her hair, make up her face in the morning, or paint her fingernails."

image Ethan gets rid of his navel ** #sourceistagram**

This is the way to appear to be a very confident person. People should not really judge others by their appearance. Whatever the outcome, it will be 100 percent worth it if someone is committed. People's perception of Ethan changed a lot after he modified his body. People walk or cross to get away from Ethan because he thinks he is very scary with his appearance.

imageEthan colored his eyes with ink ** #soureceistagram**

Ethan is a strange looking man.
Ethan's procedure, for example, eliminates his navel and splits the tongue. The most painful operation for him was the division of the tongue that made him 'almost dead.' The reason, he can not eat or drink afterwards.

imageEthan has many tattoos on his body and face ** #sourceistagram**

Photo uploads in his Instagram account make various comments from people one of whom says he is a self-destructive person. Somebody wrote, he was sad to see what Ethan did. And others say, "As long as you are happy, no matter what other people think."

imageEthan also has a lot of piercing ** #sourceistagram**

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I think this is real proof of free will. I appreciate that more than anything on Station Earth. Kudos Ethan