750g côte de boeuf steak (prime rib) from the Green egg!

2년 전


Tomorrow is ascension day and that is a day off for everyone in the Netherlands.

I expected my dad here tonight but because of ascension day, he decided to go up North of the Netherlands a day earlier.

In other words, he missed this:


This is a 750g côte de boeuf steak. It's Ribeye with the bone still attached.

I had not prepared a steak this thick before so I did some research and realized it's the same process, as usual, it will just take a little longer to get the internal temp to 55c.

I lid the Green Egg and brought it to 200c.

As per instruction, I found online I decided to get a nice color on the side of the steak first.


When that was done I grilled the steak as usual. Flipping it every 2 minutes or so.

A thermometer is invaluable here. It takes all the guessing away.

Just grill untill it says 50-52c.


I took the steak off at 50c and let it rest. The internal temp of the Steak will continue to rise even though it's not on the grill. It's the biggest secret about grilling I can share. Let it rest for 5 minutes and the internal temp is 55-56c and perfect (for me).


Here's the rest of tonight's feast! Some potatoes, corn and a mustard sauce Bianca made.


But the proof is always when you cut the steak. I can't stand it when I watch a youtube video and they don't cut the steak when they are done. I always show the cut! Whether it's bad or good.

This time. Yes, I was very happy! The steak was prepared near perfect!


This meal was a feast, I wish my dad could have been here!

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  ·  2년 전

Your slab of meat looks mouth watering!


lol! Thanks :)


That looks about as perfect as you can get!!!

I agree. With a beautifully thick cut like that, a thermometer is critical.

Now I am much more knowledgeable in steakology and I am suepr hungry.
Dad could have a used a bite from that..!

  ·  2년 전

Is that corn or hominy? The kernels look very big, but then I see you had it on the grill. What do you do with your coals after you are finished? It doesn't look like they are even close to being done. You could probably still throw a pork shoulder on there and go the rest of the night!


It's corn. When I close the lid of the green egg the coals will go out (no oxygen) and I can use them for a next grill session.

  ·  2년 전

Ah, good point. So you can typically get a couple of cooks out of one bunch of charcoal depending on what you are cooking. That is really cool.

Hi Exyle. So where was Biancas steak? Surely you didn't share that and she had her own one. I get worried when I see a decent sized steak and it is for sharing. You have cooked it to perfection and I am sure it was really good.


HAHA! No this was for sharing. It was more than enough for us and even for 3 ppl, it would have been ok. The cut on the photo is just a small part of the steak.

Wow! Such a steak! In spanish we have a said for that: "Se me hace la boca agua..." search in Google translate, you will understand.

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Haha, thanks! I don't have to translate that saying! Even with my basic Portuguese I can figure out what that means :)

Its look like some delicious food is cooking. 👍

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Hmm... yummy and a !BEER with that.

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Nice maybe a little tip for you bbq master you.. https://www.ti-84shop.nl/weber-igrill-mini.html?source=googlebase&gclid=CjwKCAjw27jnBRBuEiwAdjQXDA5qf8f03hR4p4lQRsKQfNjzmrD5EWAXsyQqBJj7XHQTffl2rR6JARoC9tAQAvD_BwE

With this you can monitor the BBQ meat with an alarm when it is ready. 😉

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he missed the delicious stuff looks so incredible

Ca semble être vraiment bon. :)

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Bon appetite

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I'm so hungry, your slab of meat already sauce inside a dish plate awaits me. Hahaha.. 🍴

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