Brexit, till your ears bleed..

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Sometimes it's hard to imagine that the Brexit vote was already more than 3 years ago.

On 23rd June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU through a referendum vote.

It's since then known as Brexit.

I remember that vote and how 'shocked' the world was at the results.

I followed the news closely back then and tried to read as much about it as I could.

But I guess something can only be interesting for so long and they never seemed to do anything with the referendum result, so at some point, I decided to just stop reading about it and wait for the outcome.

And my goodness what a good decision did that turn out to be.

Even to this day, they are talking about it (nothing happened).

At home, I don't get much input about it but HERE, being in London, it's full-on.

And I mean full-on.

It seems it's all they can talk about on the television all the time.

There are talk shows about it, it's all over the news, I see interviews with people on the street talking about Brexit...

I asked and apparently, this has been going on for 3 years now.

Man, 3 years of Brexit talk on your TV.

Whether you are for or against Brexit, surely everyone involved must be sick and tired of it by now.

I am, and I only been here for a long weekend.

The Brexit talks are something I have observed that is still very much alive here on my trip to London and it's so different from home.

Back home nobody really cares so actively. We just get informed about the bigger decisions and that's it.

My take, I just hope when the dust settles that everyone involved comes out for the better.

I hope I can still get to London as easy as now and visit my friends because I'm having an awesome time here.

And hopefully, next time, a Brexit free experience, whatever they decide!

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A load of hot air!

I don’t think much will change and I’m sure you’ll still get your holidays over here 👍🏽


That's good to know!

We are all getting tired of it.., no not getting.. already 'got' tired long ago. If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen.


It was nice knowing you mate. Once that wall goes up...


It wont, we 'cant leave' without a deal. Don't draw me into a politics conversation, I might fall asleep at the keyboard.


It wont, we 'cant leave' without a deal.

They should get Trump in to negotiate :D

I don't care much for politics.

This should have already happened THE PEOPLE Voted to Get OUT of the EU.

Believe it's happening on 31st October 2019.. Not too far away...

I wouldn't have guessed it was that long ago for as much as they still talk about it. I don't really follow it that much, but I know every time I turn around I feel like I am hearing about it. You would think they could have had the 'i's dotted and the 't's crossed by now.


You would think indeed...o well...let's wait and see!

I don’t watch tv so I’m totally lost what is happening in the world 😂😂🤣

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Probably not a bad way to live :)

It's a big distraction from other important things that should be getting attention. You happened to be here on a momentous weekend. Although it's always in the news, there is not usually this amount of activity or coverage.


I see. I did hear there was a big vote this weekend, that unsurprisingly got postponed.

Very good friends

It's kinda soap opera to me right now... It's such a shame that two prime minister's in the last 3 years cannot make any decision...

I wrote an article back then called 7 Reasons Why Brexit Won't Happen. I'm glad that I've been right so far.



You’ve reminded me I was in a tv studio being a pundit that day 3 years ago!

I was just in the living room with my pops if he an update about the appeal, he just sighed

Lol i have seen the brexit issue on the news and each time i ask what the issue is about leaving the EU? Can't they just leave and be done with it. Two prime ministers already over this matter and there will be a third one soon from the look of things. I can imagine waking up each money to that same discussion you left the night before. Well i hope Brexit works out for all concerned so we can go back to other inanities.

They should hurry up and do it. The people were clear, deal or no deal. Actually there have technically been 2 deals now and that wasn't even part of the initial question.

When they voted yes, I remember some American in my office complained that English people are all stupid, Then I told, nope, it's just a popular choice and the media lies, and to wait until Americans elect Trump and she got really angry with me.

Then Americans elected Trump and I said, I don't think Americans are stupid either.

My point is the people aren't stupid, saying the people were mislead or something is ridiculous. The question was simple. No one understood the consequences. We couldn't even predict Hard Fork 21 completely and it is much much simpler.

The problem with democracy is populism does win and there is the chance of propaganda, but it's biggest strength is people can decide and we aren't ruled by people who think they know what is good for us.

This Brexit business has gone beyond a joke.

At a marginal 3.8% to leave it should not have been allowed to continue. A need for a far greater margin should have been set at a minimum of 60% with a true chance of it getting done. That's why we have a dog's dinner of a process and not enough votes to get it done.

Maybe, after hundreds of years our democratic system shows it has effective limits and we should consider new technology to allow secure voting for each person from a mobile device. So instead of 300+ people doing what they want, we vote and they do as the vote instructs them.

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years passed but i don't think anything will likely to happen now

I have friends that have made a lot of money printing Brexit related T-shirts for both sides of the isle.

It hasn't been all bad. :)


lol! there is always a silver lining somewhere!

We noticed the obsession with Brexit when we were in London this May as well. It's really divided the country.

If you want a really wild experience you should travel here to the US and see what a political circus we have here. We're embroiled in the same never-ending bickering on several fronts. Hopefully this starts to calm down after the 2020 elections.

Finally, there will be no Brexit .

for you

Hey @exyle, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

The issue isn’t brexit, it’s democracy. They voted if they go back on it then the implications are tremendous.

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LOL Brexit Talk Shows! That’s hilarious!
I knew it was going on a while, but three years....
That’s to long. A real failure of government and a testament to stubbornness and refusal to compromise to get stuff done. It’s sad in a way, but hopefully the economical fallout for the citizens is being minimized.

I think it’s cool though when I see pictures of farmers and truckers protesting in Europe , it’s like democracy is alive. Cool.

I have never been to London, I hope you enjoy your trip.

Take Care,

By the way @nanzo-scoop is back after a prolonged absence and he is making a new game involving betting on soccer type of game called scoop stakes. You might want too check out his post on it.

But the recent bits have been the beat so far. Boris is such a bumbling idiot and its so fun to watch.

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Well, Boris Johnson seems to have come up with a EU deal better than the predecessor but only so much as they get to keep northern Ireland. Aslo the deal seems to get an extension. The UK needs to just do a hard Brexit, except the losses. Sovereignty over its own lands and waters is the most important thing.