Interview with @anarcotech from @oracle-D about 3speak!

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Check out the interview HERE

While visiting the Euro Blockchain EXPO last week I met some members of the 3 Speak team.

The idea came up to do a small interview to talk about the 3speak project and Steem.

As you might know, I love talking about Steem a lot in general so that was no problem!

It was the first interview/talk I ever conducted and I think it went pretty well.

When you want to learn a little bit more about the 3speak project, hopefully, you will enjoy the interview.

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First time I have ever gone to look at 3 Speak! Great interview @exyle There are so many exciting things happening on Steem!


Thank you and yes you got it, so many stuff happening on Steem right now on so many levels. It's never been more awesome to be here.

Hey @exyle very cool. Will you be the new @terrybrock of 3Speak? The guys at @oracle-d are really awesome business men and builders!

Just out of curiosity what mic were you using? terry recommends the raspberry for portable use. I tried it and it's awesome.

I'd love to see you doing more of these interviews as you travel to different shows i.e. Steemfest, Decentralized 2019 etc... What a great life!

100% upvote for you made from 3Speak site.

Now I need to buy some 3Speak tokens with my credit card!


Haha! Impossible to beat @terrybrock, that guy is a legend! The mic that was used was a mic from a phone. I'll check into the mic you recommend.

This was my first interview. I did like it tbh, especially because I'm pretty up to date about the subject matter.

Thanks for your nice comment!


I'd call you one of our blockchain's leading experts. Terry far from it! You're the right man for the job!


@exyle is a leading expert. You are right that I am far from it. I'm a journalist who can report on it, but I know a thing or two about it.

Would LOVE to have an interview with you two gents on what the heck is going on now with Cryptocurrencies. As I type this, BTC is going past $12,600 and moving upward fast. @kus-knee and @exyle on an interview talking about how this is affecting Steemit and the Steem community would be fabulous.

Would you two gents be open to that? Let me know and let's see when we can make it happen. Zoom is standing by!

It was an incredible interview @exyle and I changed a lot of points of view in my mind with this amazing explanation by @anarcotech from @oracle-d

Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing information to all of us ..!!

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Thank you @exyle for making the steemit world smarter, happier, and richer.

This great speak from @exyle, a very nice interview with @oracle-d. Indeed @threespeak empowering our voice and our freedom of speech will tend to strengthen steem more and more.

Now we have another great project on STEEM blockchain and discussed a lot on platform as well to get it done. Let's see what the next big project on STEEM platform.

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@exyle, Definitely while seeing the Resource Credits mechanism at this moment Scalability can be a issue but i believe that 3Speak team will come up with more Flexible ways to boost the Scalability.

@anarcotech, Thank you so much for these insights and wishing you more success and productive results.

Stay blessed both of you.

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Excellent interview covered so many things in details great one

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Watching it now with dinner.

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Aaahhhh so I have to pay to upload but I'm welcome. Okok.. because of my 10 views. But everyone is welcome ok. Maybe they can do a pegged token? On steem-engine ? I went to buy spk but it isn't there yet I heared that lateron in the video.

Oh the Google chromecast stops at the beginning with streaming I watched it further on my mobile.

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