Name That Game! - Contest #10 - Full upvote for the winner! // HINT 1



Welcome to Number 10 of the Name that Video Game! contest.

I'm having a lot of fun with these!

The rule of the game is pretty simple:

Which game is this:


Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 19.13.02.png

The person that replies the quickest with the right answer will receive a full upvote.

If the answer is not given after 24h I'll drop the first HINT on this post.

I have noticed that Steem is full of old school gamers! I'm still trying to find the balance to make it challenging.

It's fun though!

Good luck!


Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 19.12.17.png

Winners so far:

  1. @tersah - Broken Sword
  2. @simonjay - Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive
  3. @bozz - Faxanadu
  4. @travoed - Headhunter
  5. @tamiil - Balloon Fight
  6. @simonjay - Blue Shadow/Shadow of the ninja
  7. No-Winner - The Ancient Art of War
  8. @dinaudic - Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed
  9. @themonetaryfew - Alone in the Dark

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Finally, a game I know, but I can't remember the title. :P We used to play it at my school's PC class. It had some crazy physics for its time. I don't think any of us really raced, instead we just crashed the cars over and over again to see how deformed we could get them. :)


I think the game you are thinking of is Destruction Derby. This is another game.


Nope, definitely not Destruction Derby. It might not be this game, but it had the same looking cars and the only level we played was in a desert. We just raced off the track and started exploring the world using hills as ramps and watching how deformed cars get on landing. Sometimes the tires went to the other side of the car, but you could still drive somehow. The fun was seeing how wrecked we could get the car, before it became totally undriveable.

It's driving me insane now, I wish I knew what the title of the game was. :P


I think I know what game it is ;)

😂 This is a great idea! I love that pic with you and the mini snes, we got one here also they can even be powered of a laptop they are so dam cool!

I have no clue what that game is though, but I resteemed it!

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Thanks! And yeah it's a great little machine!

Cars 3, Driven to Win .......


Good guess, but this is another game!

i have a feeling that i missed an era of graphics :D all 16 bit looked worse than this, and never looked better :D
Top Gear Rally


Good guess! Sadly this is not it!

Lego cars?

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I wish I knew it, but I never had that game. Had so many others while growing up though.


Haha, same here! Played so many games growing up.

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