Once the STEEM price starts to reverse its game over. What you have is what you have.

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If BTC can keep up this amazing run then it won't be too long before it will start dragging the alts up.

When it comes to the alts, even though I own many different ones, I only have a real love for one: STEEM.

I'm emotionally heavily invested in STEEM.

Steem is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been part of and to have seen and been part of this blockchain development from its infancy to what it is now has been an incredible privilege.

But Steem is about to change. In a good way. It's growing up.

But sadly growing up sucks on some levels, I like to compare Steem as it was, to a summer camp. Every day was fun with your friends playing and now you all grown up and are economically worth more but the feeling has changed.

It's better to see in a picture I guess. This was Steem, back in the day. This group of people and that's only 2,5 years ago.

When people tell me today that Steem is dead, I laugh. What else can you do?

One look at this place today and it's obviously the opposite.

I have always said that earning STEEM will be harder and harder in the future.

I always thought that the reason for this would be more users competing over the reward pool.

I realize now, that's only partly true.

I'm a blogger and content creator. I'm not the best but I like what I do and I'm fully aware that whatever I make for my blogs has mostly to do with the STEEMPOWER I have bought.

I'm not really ashamed of that fact, I have shouted it from the rooftops that STEEMPOWER is pretty valuable. I also never powered any of it down.

But it's sure not the most effective way to earn STEEM.

In my 3-year blogging adventure, I earned around 78k STEEM.

@nextcolony a game developed on the blockchain earned a 100k STEEM in two weeks.

Yeah, that's a much better way!

And then add the fact they have now have a stake of 100K STEEM over the reward pool that they will use to reward their userbase and not a random blogger.

I think in the upcoming years blogging as I have done and many others will be compared to early BTC mining.

Can you imagine earning 50 BTC with your laptop in 2010!

Can you imagine earning 50 STEEM blogging about a steak you ate in 2016!

And just like those early BTC miners, some sold what they mined and others kept it.

It's not hard to see what the better decision was in hindsight.

And that's also how I see STEEM.

Currently, STEEM is a price where it's still affordable.

Once this starts to reverse it's game over.

What you have is what you have and that's it.

Pretty cool and exciting too.

But realize I'm just talking about STEEM.

With MIRA, Steem Engine tokens and SMT's and communities, it will start all over again with many different apps and communities.

Communities growing around an app or community earning their own token.

With RC pooling the users of the future might not even realize that the base token that's running everything is STEEM.

For me, it's so easy to see where this is going.

It will be great to see it unfold.

Steem on!

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The word "emotionally" and "invested" certainly do not belong in the same sentence.

Look, I get it that you like the platform. But being emotionally invested is a very bad idea. You're not married to your coins, never forget.

There's also no pride to take in the fact that you never have powdered down. Quite the opposite really.

Both @ned and @dan have powered down all of their coins. @dan has certainly sold and made that clear after being kicked out by @ned. And @ned likely has done the same, whatever he says the reasons are to have been powering down.

@aggroed and his team are doing wonderful things here, and I really do hope they succeed. I'm cheering for them!

But really, when we hit 10 dollars - and we likely will - please start powering down before we do and get out a million euros and buy a nice place for you and your girlfriend.

You'll be happy you did, the rest of the coins left are the "casino's house money".


No one that invests as much time in a platform as users do on steemit, has invested in steemit. When the hardfork cut function by a significant amount, it was emotional. A lot of those that hit this hardfork, left. The ones that stayed on steemit, were by definition; emotionally involved, by this stressor.

So those that remain, are emotionally involved, by the decision to stay, and to continue to contribute here. This also is a decision to invest of yourself in steemit. Since the decision has been made to invest time, and give of oneself to this platform those that have stayed are emotionally invested in this platform.

The one who are not, either left entirely (I lost friends) or they only open steemit once in a great while (no investment).

We are all inmates in this asylum...and are emotionally invested; but under treatment, LOL!

But steemit used to be a lot more fun, before it "matured"! So if you are NOT emotionally invested, why are you still here?



The word "emotionally" and "invested" certainly do not belong in the same sentence.

I understand completely. It's a bad combination.

I do take some pride in never powering down because I'm trying to build a foundation here. And Steempower is the tool that will power it. That's why I put so much time into this place.

I did take profit when the SBD went mental. So I'm not unhappy. Because of the SP I had, I could earn SBD and turn it to Fiat.

I don't think anyone could have foreseen this downtrend. I sure did not. Not all the way to 30 cents!

The reason I never powered down was that I realized that blogging was the only way aI l could earn STEEM when it was $3. Buying was impossible. And I wasn't about to sell the motor.

PD would have been the right call. But that's easy in hindsight.

Now I'm buying. It beats blogging and is the only for anyone to build a stake.


Thanks for the reply!

STEEM is still the number 1 when it comes down to Web 3.0 social media and I really hope it can succeed.

But the sentiment is not in favor at this moment and it hasn't been for a while among the broader crypto community.

Mostly because the leadership has been... well... yeah you know.

@aggroed and his team have stepping up their game, and I'm really glad to see they did. We - kind of - have SMTs now! Which is quite amazing!

Let's have a look at this weedcash thing now...

Let me know when you set up your own "little steemit", I'm sure you will be testing it. I would like to set up one myself, but the price is a bit too high at the moment.


Who knows, maybe this is the emotion speaking but I just know Steem will be fine. I trust my own vision for it. Always have, and always acted accordingly.

I think for STEEM the key will be STEEM/RC delegation to power communities and tokens.

STEEM for rewarding content is on it's way out. SMT's will take over that roll in the years to come. STEEM will power all of it underneath.

Getting STEEM now with blogging and buying makes therefor 100% sense to me. But I know I stand mostly alone in this though. Time will tell.

Always nice to read your comments! Thanks, man!


I understand that and the way that delegating works in a DPoS algoritm is pure beauty. It's a great potential funding model, never seen before.

I do like the way the YT channel called EOS Weekly explains this. About EOS, of course, but in many ways you can replace EOS with STEEM in this video.

Explained in a great way, with the perfect design accompanying it.

War of Opposing Resource Models

I agree 1000% with what you say. The Steem ecosystem is really evolving in a way that is going to surprise people. The "old" model is being replaced by a new one that is going to create more wealth across the board. Those who are active are going to see the value of their accounts grow (albeit not only in STEEM) while having fun.

This place will look a lot different in another year or two.


Always nice to read your positivity!

Great post. You mentioned, "What you have is what you have." But that is unless you make BTC and buy more Steem. I sold about 50,000 Steem and bought Bitcoin about 1 month ago. I didn't want to at the time, cuz i don't like to part with my Steem. But, now bitcoin went from $5,500 to $7,200. Great decision. Now I can buy more Steem now that it is down so low. Woohoo~

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That's different. That's trading. (GOOD trade btw! well done). But most on Steem are going after the reward pool for earnings and that's going to be much tougher in the future.


Yes, I do agree with you on that one. It's going to be much harder in the future to earn. Lucky for us that we've been around long enough on the steem platform(s) to know that. This time around, I would like to play my cards right.

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I completely agree that the days of earning Steem by blogging are close. Being a blogger, I don't really like that idea. I keep hoping someone will develop a blogging app. Like Dtube, where you can watch Dtube videos only, but for written content. DWrite or something, or DBlog, lol...

But aside from my personal opinion, it is great to see the Steem blockchain grow in so many different directions at the same time...


I'm sure that will happen. The first version of what such a future might look like is Scotbot.


I saw the Scotbot announcement post.I don't know enough about the technical side to fully grasp the impact this could have. Guess time will tell 😉
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I agree with you completely! I'm working hard to gather as much Steem as I can before the price goes up!


Thank you. In this time of FUD it's always nice to see this kind of positivity. Steem on!


And I love how positive you are! We will all be celebrating together in the days to come!

Love the enthusiasm here but let's face it, steem will never do what bitcoin did. There is too much out there, inflation is high and there are competing blockchains. Bitcoin had first movers advantage, it is very difficult to mine compared to Steem and there is much less supply available. That being said, I love Steem l, am heavily invested myself and think it's a great platform. Don't kid yourself though, even now if you don't invest cash or cryptos here, it's very difficult to build up an account. You have to compete with curation bots, bidbots, and spend thousands of hours reading and writing. This is more of a hobby than anything else. But yeah if it pays for your steak, that's awesome.

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You are right. That's highly unlikely indeed. Bitcoin will be king for a long time.

When it comes to Steem you are right as well, hard to earn consistent STEEM without investing first now. But then again hard to use the BTC network without investing in some Bitcoin.

Long term SMT's or Scotbot will make this platform grow exponentially. To power all that through RC's will be the real value of Steem.

No blockchain is doing what Steem is doing and they sure can't do it as cheap as Steem can. I think this is extremely underappreciated right now.

But only time will tell. I sure believe it. Always have.

It's great to see BTC spiking! I finally got Netcoins funded but have not had time to get the Steem into my wallet yet from Freedomex! The learning curve takes time and a certain mindset. 🤔 I am hoping to get it done tomorrow hopefully Steem does not spike today! 🙏 Love your blogs and don't seem to catch them often anymore. Keep up the great work @exyle 🌳🌲🌹🌲🌳


For those with the mindset that this is a long term, lifestyle adjustment, the learning curve is just part of life.

We are entering a new paradigm and are the ones learning early. The rest of the world is going to have to play catch up.

Everything we do today will come back to help us in the future.


Here's to hoping! I feel it though. I really do. It's a pleasure to connect tonight 🍻 Steem on!

With RC pooling the users of the future might not even realize that the base token that's running everything is STEEM.

Which will make STEEM even more valuable. Sweet.


That sure will give it a nice extra use case!

I look at STEEM as long term, the long wait. Now I can be very patient like a vulture.

It only breaks my heart STEEM have been on sale for very long and due to my job issue I don't have spare fiat to buy STEEM. I hope the price of STEEM stays low for longer and I hope to get a better paying job soon so I can go shopping for STEEM.

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I share the same love you have for Steem. One of the things which are often overlooked is how relatable Steem is to the general population. I've always felt that it will gain a lot of attention during the first few waves of mainstream adopters due to the fact that it doesn't require an account on any exchange in order to do business. Eventually, we will start to see a lot more businesses accepting Steem. Who knows, we may never have a need to take our stake off of the Steem blockchain.

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You know what? STEEM FOR LIFE! 💪🏼🙌🏼😎

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I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Steem. Having just found it would be sad to lose it. There’s so many amazing people on here who will not let it die down, not yet, not so fast. You for instance won’t let that happen, there will always be people who fight for the survival, there will always be new blood pouring in. Keeping them will be the key to success. The more people we get involved the more success we can hope for the platform.

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Currently we are in Initial phas of STEEM but within a period 3 years it has grown tremendously. I feel earning steem will not be easy in future as it is now like last year during HF20 RC was introduced and more such things may happen in future. People who become part of it now will have advantage of early joining and will witness superb growth.
Dear @exyle you talked about very nice topic today through this post. Thanks much.

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Things are still at the early stages. I'm super happy BTC is starting to go back up and cant wait to see the effects it has on Steem. As the price goes up I think we will see more people come and with the rise of dapps and other apps that are still to come. I've been here for a little over a year vlogging and posting my photography and have only gotten a little over 1k. But no matter what im going to keep at it until I can be earning enough Steem and SBD to make a true living from it.

Well see where things go but I see things going up,up, up!

I fully agree. Just today, I read a silly article by a 2016'er on how Facebook might "kill Steem" with it's upcoming stable coin by robbing Steem's unique use case. :) That particular 2016'er has at least kept most of his earned coins. Is he looking to accumulate more and wants to keep the price down by spreading silly FUD?

What the article proposes is downright foolish. As if Facebook was going to start dishing out meaningful rewards to all of its two billion users. That same user has implied in his writings on Steem that it's user case is and will remain blogging quality content and being rewarded for it. Nothing could be further from the truth as you have pointed out. Apps of different descriptions will continue to rack up their own SP and reward their own users.

Exactly this is also sometimes the reason why I get confused from time to time.. Keeping up with all the developments and seeing options everywhere is almost not doable next to an external job. Sometimes I have the feeling that I missing some key moments in there dude, and that might be my own demise in that!

The good thing now is that you can still earn a nice amount of STEEM through blogging and activity. It's slow but steady growth. In two years time i would guess that it will be impossible to do what we are doing now and earn nice amounts. I joined in 2017 and can only wonder how the first users did so well and grew so fast. I think that will be us to the next generation who will be striving to get to 500SP.

Mark @exyle We are in the Right Place at the Right Time in History. I have Never Powered Down Either.............

The main point is "emotionally invested", I think this sums my portfolio...
I like a lot of projects and invested in them, but STEEM is a different monster.

BTC earthquake is not yet over and after that the Tsunami Alts will appear, it's game on @exyle:P

It's good to have faith but for how long and at what cost?
It seems like steem is dying because of the arrogance and ignorance of steemit inc and cos.


I don't believe Steem is dying at all. Steemit inc. is slowly back on track. MIRA is hugely important to make sure Steem will never die.

In my 3-year blogging adventure, I earned around 78k STEEM

Holy cow, congrats!

It is absolutely correct. Once the BTC will be stable on it's level all ALTs will be boom and we will see a great magic in Price . The things is need to just chooses a wise investment on GREAT projects .

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You never let anybody look down on steem with your posts@exyle. Thanks for inspiring.

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Great perspective @exyle, things will for sure start to move upwards pretty soon, the pieces are coming together and it's just beautiful how it all works in the end because now we will have both SMT and SCOT, no other blockchain has that to my knowledge, have an awesome weekend.

@exyle, When we know intuitively it's the opportunity, then that's the opportunity. We can get different opportunities but not the same one which we will miss. So we have to understand the value of Steem and we should try to look deeply and see the picture of ahead.

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I just read your post and I liked it a lot, so look for your blog and I read several more, I completely agree with you, investing you earn more and faster, but even though in the long term, without investment you also grow inside the platform , uploading blogs and publishing quality content, Steemit is a great opportunity, and we must take advantage of it, regards @exyle!

I agree with your sentiment, and I also believe that STEEM has a bright future in front of it. I fear that we are in a rose-colored-glasses situation but hopefully that is not fully the case, and the way I see it if we don't take the chance than we will miss out. Plus I really like being a part of the Steemit community, so regardless of STEEM performance, it is never wasted time.

We see soon what go happen, something is soon coming some how I feel it, but I like this that steemit and also steemit apps bring out lot new updates, what can help lot in long run. 👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟📝📑

Lets hope I can reach dolphin before it reverses. Statuses like Dolphin and Orca may be unsustainable to acheive naturally one day so better get while the getting is good!


It will be tough indeed. Competition is fierce.

I see steem as the Bitcoin of all the SMT's/tokens that are and will be created on this Blockchain.

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I like your positive outlook and really always have. I've enjoyed the low steem price because I'm a big believer. Unfortunately I have not had any extra fiat to invest so I'll be said to see the price go up because as you said, what you have is what you have, and I don't have enough. But I have fun everyday and like you, it has been a love of mine for the past 2 years.

@exyle! You invested heavily on Steem when the price of Steem was just about $0.23. I think, Your investment gave a new life to Steem platform which was otherwise going down. Now, steem price is declining again but I hope it will not go down below the price on which you bought Steem.


Thanks! I did buy STEEM at all kinds of different levels. Lower and much higher than it is today.


I did buy STEEM at all kinds of different levels. Lower and much higher than it is today.

It's very nice. I bought Steem when price was too high. Now, it has become very difficult to invest in cryptos in my country. That's why I am not able to buy Steem at such a low price.

Orca dreams, shattered... :-(


Haha, not necessarily, STEEM still can go lower first. But earning the STEEM to become an Orca through blogging will be tough.


I'll eat a steak every night and blog about it sir. Either that I will have to liquidate some Dogecoin.


Better work out too or you will be big as a house. Don't waste all that protein.

the spring effect will come the alts are heavily down right now just a matter of time from here onwards alts will boom

Agree 100% with you.
the only problem with blockchain was that it need a lot of computer power and electricity but MIRA addition will solve that at a point


Steem never needed much electricity. We did need a lot of RAM for servers which is expensive to rent. This is now solved by transferring Data from RAM ---> Disk.


I ment bitcoin blockchain technology and other coins that are based in the same idea


Downvoted by @coininstant ?
i dont know the reason. An explanation will be appreciated

STEEM is not, and shouldn't be considered as alt :)


Also...there àre major flaws... On which we turb the blind eye. But nevertheless... 2.5 yrs is eternity in modern world not just the crypto, for communities we would need way more people than those (top bet 100) ib the photo. Just saying. Great motivational post, but what we need at this moment is harsh reality knockout.

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What happened with ethereum price, I had some of it but I am thinking to buy steem out of it... Perhaps, I need to research on my own about it.

What until you get stuck with a bunch of valueless shitcoins

Totally agree း)

A mug holding guy, swipe left

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Sorry, you have the most cliché mundane cheerleader posts ever bro. Always, the same shit.. But, you bought your fans so hooray.. More canvas free templates and the future is bright content to come I'm sure.

I found you dull, monotone and redundant af.. Mute that mofo

78k of of 30 cents is 25k USD locked up in here and that means you bought in 120k at God knows what price. Hardly a steem success story..

I'd tell myself it's OK too, I get it. Just don't find your always sunny perspective realistic...

So true. Even in the short time I'm here now, there was so much development like HF20, many dapps (more or less successful), no SMT yet but steem-engine doing an impressive job.
Call me crazy, but I bought steem for 4.50 USD but also for 0.22 USD (and inbetween) because I love the idea and believe in it.
Over two weeks there will be salary, vacation-money plus bonus pay-day ... hopefully, steem did not moon before that day :) :)

Investors will eventually look at projects and blockchains that are delivering on their roadmap and while it has taking a while, Steem will be one given the amount of development and potential of the community.

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I think BTC is much easier to part with when the price is up because it is less of a long term investment. Steem as I mentioned in my other comment is much the opposite of that because of the passive income you can earn. I am hoping I can at least get to dolphin status before things start to turn around. I will feel much better about my position if that is the case.

hm, and it looks like the cryptotrain is leaving the station again, time to go upwards. :)

Congratulations @exyle!
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