Please help get Steem on the Niffler Exchange. 289 more Steemians needed.

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If you want to do something for Steem today that's easy and could move it forward a little bit you can help with this:

Get STEEM on the Niffler exchange by going to this link: and sign up.

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I just did it, takes about 20 seconds to do.

We need 289 more Steemians to get it done!

Thanks for your effort!

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

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Cmon 219 people after mee !!

Registered & i hope steem soon listed on Niffler too.


Just signing up is enough @exyle? I did it but do I have to do the more?

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I did it! One day soon you must explain to me what I can do with Niffler:)


Easy to do! Now to figure lut what it could do!

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Done!! It took me very little time

We will get it pretty easily, only 219 missing!!

I use steemify so thanks for that!
I've also voted for you as a witness (you could have mentioned what number you were to make it easier to find lol!!)


Thank you so much! And from now on I will also mention the number! Thanks for pointing that out!

Why not lets do it !!!

Registered and resteem your post.

It is nice to practice trading here for newbie traders. They give you play money to start with.

Sign up: ok
Resteem: ok
Hope it will help :)

I signed up already cause Dantheman already beat you to it, Glad to hear it is moving forward as Europe wakes.


He sure did! I was hoping some extra exposure could help. Only 262 Steemians needed now.

Done and done. Glad I could do my part!

Done and Resteemed your post :)


Awesome! Thank you very much.

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did it reach the goal

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I already registered previous time.

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Will do when I get home. Let's DO THIS !

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Hey @exyle, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Signed up... 222 more needed..


I have also done...bro..hope there have brightness future...

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Registered! I hope the best for Steem!

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DONE...Steem is on
Yeah!!! :)