Splinterlands, another opportunity on the Steem blockchain.

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I'm pretty heavily invested in Splinterlands as a gamer and investor.

It's possible on Discord to type in a command to see the market cap of the game and the value of your whole Splinterlands card collection.

It's part of my morning routine.

The value is calculated over the amounts of cards that you have and the latest sale price per card.

I always start off with the market cap.

Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: $2,216,342

And then the value of my own collection.

Screenshot 2019-07-07 at 09.05.43.png

Wow! It's never been this high. I find it mindblowing stuff that my card collection is worth more than a decent car now. And I am nowhere near the top 10 of most valuable collections.

But I'm pretty happy with my investment in the game so far as you can imagine.

But there is more cool stuff. When you use the card collection playing the game online you can earn the in-game currency DEC.

It's true, play the game and get paid.

Here's a match I played while typing this article.

Screenshot 2019-07-07 at 09.20.35.png

That's 210 DEC earned. Currently worth 0.6 STEEM! Took about a minute.

Splinterlands is like buying a car but instead of paying for gas to use the car you get paid in gas the more your ride the car and instead of the car losing value over time, it goes up in value over time.

That's pretty cool!

Eehh no! It's more than that. It's turning gaming as we know it on its head and it's happening right on our blockchain.

I'm not selling the earned DEC currently though, I think it will go up in value for reasons given in previous articles.

Now one more thing.

You don't have to invest a ton of money if you want a decent card collection.

It's possible to rent a very decent collection from peakmonsters.com for a fraction of the costs of buying the cards.

Yes, you read it right. It's possible to rent your card collection to other players while not losing ownership! (talking about the power of blockchain!)

What some players do is rent the cards, play Splinterlands while earning DEC and using part of that to pay for renting costs while keeping the profit.

Some investors just buy cards on the market and rent them out for ROI while never playing the game.

It's just more opportunities on the Steem blockchain waiting for people that want it.

I have said it many times before and I say it again.

The Steem Blockchain is the blockchain of opportunity.

There is so much opportunity here today that I actually already missed a few and it annoys me you must know. (maybe that would make a cool article).

But I can't keep up. There are only 24 hours in a day and you will miss some opportunities, it's just the way it works.

But man, Steem is flying lately. So much to do, so much fun and a changing economic mindset!

Steem on!

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Your example battle was against my daughter Ula :-)

Posted using Partiko Android


Wow! How cool that she plays the game! Just goes to show this game is popular! :)

I send her the 200 DEC for the game we played. Hope she likes it.

See you on the battlefield man!

You forgot to mention that you can now also earn money by writing about the monsters thanks to spt and splintertalk/forumbb. :)


Good point!

Hello Exyle,
I just started playing the game, can you please tell me how you check the value of your collection? Thank you and what an amazing collection you have.


No problem!

When you join the Splinterlands Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/Xmcdx9h

Go to the SM-voter-hut channel and type:

$marketcap to see the marketcap of the game

$stats bernardino to see your personal stats, including the value of your collection.


Super! Thank you @exyle!

Sorry my Brother Mark @exyle I did not Mean for it to be So Painful on the Battlefield Just Now !


FWIW he took his frustration out on my poor red team.


Love it! I just told @ezzy, I bet you @stockjockey will come to my blog within 5 minutes after I lost just now! Fantastic win, man! Congrats! Such a fun game!


You made my Whole Day Thank You Mark !

Thanks for the clarifying post. I should start playing and investing in splinterlands as soon as possible before I miss the steem-engine train.

After your nice explanation, I think I should try to invest on this game more!


I just love it and really proud to say that I am addicted to this game. I play and earn which makes it more fun for us adults. I think splinterland is the best thing that happened to us on Steemit to attract more users and make it more fun. I see you are a good player. I am still stuck in the first levels, but not giving up hhhh


Love your review!



This is amazing. I just wrote a post about why I am investing here and it’s about opportunity. I am in awe at everything going on here and the choices are ever increasing as to where to invest your money. Amazing.

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Greetings, exyle

Excelente decs won, man!!!! In my batttles, i won about 40 or 50 decs. Maybe, some day i will reach this excelent reward!!

The best definition about SteemMonsters here: "Splinterlands is like buying a car but instead of paying for gas to use the car you get paid in gas the more your ride the car and instead of the car losing value over time, it goes up in value over time."

thank you and have a nice day!

Enjoy the 100% upvote across 3 different tribes I’m a whale of. This should net you a pretty penny.


Thanks, man!

Yeah I see the investment option too. But what card should I invest in.. just taking it card by card. And whow you got a good thing going There I wish I did the same earlier in the game (it's like I'm wish I bought steem at 7 cents or I wish I bought spt and pal in the beginning) kind a thinking. Well I have 10k spt now yeah I'm a dolphin woepwoew. 🤣😂 have a nice Sunday.

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Wow gaming can be really fun and rewarding too

Not to mention the fun we have while engaging on the game! Where else can we invest, earn and have fun to demonstrate the power of the Steem ecosystem, right? To think that development continues is amazing on where this can all go!

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The amount of DEC per battle depends on what all factors. I hardly get 3 DEC per battle. I'm in very low leagues though. Often in bronze 3.

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It is a bit technical but I wrote a post about your question: https://steempeak.com/palnet/@toocurious/splinterlands-intel-2

@exyle, Splinterlands is becoming Mining Game. More you play more you are getting. Congratulations towards your Splinterlands Portfolio. Stay blessed.

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That is cool gamer, I love to be part of this game at Splinterland there more whatsup to feel crazy with business that boom with money self. Tell me more how did you came by this business and how can I be part of this business to also blow cash. Thanks a lot for revealing this secrete!

Thanks man. Very helpful. I've been away from steem for awhile, but I recently got back into this game. I still have a lot of alpha cards haha... well, for a casual player. Hope you are well man! I'm going to check the value now.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

It's a fun game, I recently bought the starter pack and rented some cards. Even though you can technically earn while playing it's the game play and balance that keeps me in a game. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised, with the block-chain technology still being young and it still being a bit like the wild west I didn't expect to play something so fun on it already.

Currently in silver league so I'm still a LONG way from that 0.6 steem per minute. If I had any more money to invest in the game I would, at this point it just seems like a no brainer. I would look to the returns as a way to keep growing my deck. Games like Hearthstone while I enjoyed them the cost was prohibitive to me, I've been injured and mostly hospitalized out of work steady for 10 years now, so my budget for gaming doesn't really exist! With card games that really limits the level you can play at!

Got to thank @aggroed for sharing the speed-run posts by @jacekw it really gave me insight into how I could make the game pay for me and let me gradually play at higher levels without needing to pay with fiat cash.

recent history.png

I'll jump on the discord later after work!

It sounds interesting this game I'll try to take a look at. Thank you