Vlog 386: Reasons to join the Steem Blockchain + Question: Could a Steem account be used to login to other websites too as a universal login?


There is no reason for anyone to join the Steem blockchain if they don't like any of the Apps build on top of it besides speculative investment reasons.

Normal users are not going to join the blockchain because we have free transactions and 3 second block times and all that stuff. They expect things to work properly because that's what they are used to anyway.

There is only one reason anyone would join the Steem blockchain today willingly and that's because they like any of the the products build on top of Steem.

Luckily for us, after almost 3 years of having this blockchain there are now more apps than ever for people to choose from and they don't all have to do with social media.

For example:

A fitbit owner that is not interested in social media has now become a potential Steemian because of @actifit.

A gamer that is not interested in social media has now become a potential Steemian because of @steemmonsters.

With the improvement of Apps on the Steem blockchain I expect the communities (users) surrounding these apps to grow.

And that gave me another idea for a reason to have a Steem account. I'm just not sure if it can be done.

Could it be possible to make the Steem login also a login for websites that are not build on top of the Steem Blockchain?

Logging in to all kinds of different websites is a cumbersome process. What if you had only 1 login for any website in the world? your Steem account.

Want to buy a pair of shoes at this new store you found: login = Steem account.

Want to leave a comment at a forum about cars? login = Steem account.

You can even take it further. With keychain you would already be logged in to any website that supports it.

Always anytime. No more logging in and no more figuring out a new username no more different passwords.

If I could have 1 account that has the security features that the Steem Blockchain already provides and can use it to login everywhere it is something I would be willing to pay 1 time $10 for.

A universal login.

I'm going to ask around if this can be done.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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That was great to see all the different languages represented. Big fan of the steemonboarding team and what they're doing.
Fascinating idea, that websites could incorporate keychain as a universal log-in.
So much potential there.

You're idea for a universal login is amazing. Here's why: people who login with steem account could maybe use a version of the website with upvoting, and currency transfers.

This would allow people who like the concept of steem and like being rewarded for comments have a steem login that works everywhere, while users who don't want to transition to this system keep their website as it is.

I imagine this needs lots of work to get done and needs approval of the websites where it is used, but it's doable long term.

With the breach via Facebook a universal login and google’s universal login I think steem/steemconnect could be an amazing opportunity to offer a transparent user key! Users could then also state what data they want to share and what not to share per website and never have to worry about data breaches or misuse of their data for ads unless they want to receive ads!

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Very good points 👍 being able to more openly control tracking would catch many eyes. With Steem we know exactly what it is we are submitting!

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@exyle while your at it, we need a universal promotion tool 😉

If I can connect my social media(twitter,LinkedIn,Facebook,G+....) and broadcast all my posts automatically I would start tailoring my activities to onboarding thus I assume others may be encouraged to do the same. Hand in hand with the universal key or it may be a very promising tool on its own.

Also I am thinking about that YouTube -> DTube tool that was created.... May help for drawing in the content creators from YouTube that can help sustain an audience.

Putting ideas out there! Love Your by the way, I would so pay the onetime fee for a universal key. It most likely will make some nervous though. Run as an extension for a pc browser or wallet/password on mobile, able to use Touch ID would be cool.

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Luckily we have @share2steem so you can easily just share Instagram photo on FB and STEEM blockchain simultaneously. Try it at https://share2steem.io?ref=farizal

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Yea I’d want to go the other way sharefromsteem got anything for that?

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I am Only here for The SteemMonsters and Nothing Else. @exyle

Yeah why? That's why I try to make more posts in my own language and just educate and throw people on the steem blockchain. In time it will come they gonna hear it in the media and think hey... I've got that account already rolling from that 'crazy hans' and they look at their account... at a steem price of 9dollar whow what did he give me? And they just can use it. Jan baan said once in a presentation with a picture of one guy helping the other in a ladder help one another not to help yourself but to give that person a chance to grow. That is what I do now yes I give away money yes I could hold it myself and get a few bucks more but if I do this now at the end I helped hundreds of people and that's more then just a few bucks. It is also a avalanche effect I help someone that other person helps also others and say look.. it's nice right? Yeah it looks nice let's try it. Great video I liked it. To help you grow more not in size but on YouTube. 🤣😂

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i started a course on skillshare about steem digital independance.


i'm trying to get it across to people about the steemconnect login and multiple apps on the blockchain by 'showing' them all the ways to utilize it, it would be AWESOME to have keychain login for other sites as well.


Yes a universal login is completely viable on Steem (and any other crypto, though better suited with Steem as Steem accounts are typically for social media purpose).

Indeed the functionality already exists; Steemconnect already functions as OAuth.

A feel like you are the CEO of Civic. :)



All true but the UX still sucks and SMTs don't exist yet. How do you build on top of a platform not designed to have layers? When SMTs exist then I do see more diverse apps but when is SMTs coming and who is going to pay for it's development?

We see ... it is Good Idea :))

Can you do a vlog.about SMT, what to expect and when?


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I think a single login would be great but probably depends on the centralized website to be connected with the blockchain in some way. Steempress seems to be doing just that for all website done with Wordpress which are ib the millions as they look to integrate Steem in the comments section. This is enticing but I think it is the option of the author of the website to allow it so promooit would be necessary.

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This is the one video everyone steemian should check out

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I have been saying for quite some time that they need to establish some form of SSO integration with a persons Gmail account or something that is universal. This would go a long way towards getting more people on the platform as long as they could find a way to make it secure.

I read somewhere that Appics is just using the Steem blockchain for now and will move to its own. Is that a SMT or a fork or something else? I'll stick to Steephot unless I know Appics will be good for Steem in the long term.

.I have been trying to get my kids on board but they have no interest
Mostly because when they create content they want to share it with their friends and their friends don't know the SteemVerse... so it is not cool...
Right now though, there is an app in development for kids @spunkeemonkee and my youngest is all set for it
And I am hoping through the youngest, the kids will get on board and like you say, once crypto starts looking better, word will get around :)

If the mass realize that a STEEM passphrase are kept by the individual, not some central database like Google or FB... I guess they would opt for it, if registration was as easy as FB.

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