Vlog 419: Dtube releases a new version and it's awesome!



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I spend time last night and this morning playing around with the new Dtube.

They now have their own blockchain, token and reward mechanism and a lot of other cool features, yet it's also still tied to Steem and Steem-Engine in an ingenious way.

What I also really like is that besides the IPFS uploader that we all know, it's now also possible to show/embed videos/live streams from other platforms and post them on Dtube!

I talk about it more in my vlog. Starts from @1:06.

These are my first impressions but I'm sure there is more to be discovered.

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Great video @exyle, yeah I think this update is great, it will take some time to understand it all, and for Dtube to get everything right though.

One thing that needs to be said to as many Steemians as possible is that you only have til the end of the month to claim your Dtube username if you want that to be the same as your Steem username.

Have an awesome day.

(Apparentely making comments in Dtube on my phone is not working)

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Wow that's a good news that I was not aware so far! Thank you!


An early start today for us both, and I too blame new interest in Steem developments as the reason for this.

We have a lot to thank Steem-engine for, it seems they have helped hold onto some of our better projects and are the source of new ideas too - less pressure on SMT delivery too perhaps, even though Steemit Inc may not be too happy about their thunder being stolen for now.

I should start posting videos again, if only to test and support these new dtube developments. Cheers for the insight today, have a good one!


Yeah Steem-Engine helps a lot on SMT now! Hope price wise also we will get the trending soon too!


Exciting times my friend, exciting times. :)

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Oh man, this is huge! Everything Steem is really maturing! @exyle, I'm curious for how long you will be able to keep up with all the developments. It's all happening so fast... You might need to hire some personnel soon ^^

The way you talk about it, you are so amazed by these changes!! :D

Basically, they got their independence, and now they can implement their ideas, that previously might have been against the STEEM blockchain logic and fundamentals.

Between all this dev and zooming BTC it's getting pretty exciting around this blockchain town!! Have a fantastic day!

I have trouble creating comments on the new DTube, anyone an idea or is that normal at the moment?

  ·  작년

They are working on it.


thx :)

It's really good things are going on with the STEEM right now in terms of development of dapps as well. So hope for the best in coming days. 👍

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Amazing how the ecosystem continues to develop and expand. I still believe it is one of the fee succeeding in decentralizing itself with these deployments as others continue to remain centralized and dependent on their original developer whereas Steem has been broadened out by its community.

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Can you upload every format now?

I just save my stream and upload it to YouTube. I know it's not that kind of quality but it is about continuity and quantity now search for macmeal and I'm between the hamburgers now. 🤣😂

Ohhh really! Just a link thanx I'm gonna look into it.

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Please where is the link to the new version of dtube download?

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Thank you. Seems not an app yet