What are you currently working on with Steem? Please drop a comment.

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We all know the big projects:

Steemhunt, Splinterlands, 3speak, dtube, Steem-Engine, Actifit, Appics and more.

But there is a lot more going on on Steem then that.

What I am looking for currently are some good projects that need some more attention.

If you are working on something cool Steem related, drop a comment with a link and a small description.

I was thinking of making 1 or 2 showcase videos to shed some more light on projects that can use it and increase my own knowledge of Steem (and hopefully that of my readers) a bit more.


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Hi @exyle. I got onboarded onto Steem by fellow organist, @organduo, earlier this year. I joined because he was hosting an organ playing contest. Since then I've caught the Steem bug. My day job is in IT, my passion is music and my obsession is Steem! Anyway, I decided to try writing a bot to embed gifs...so I present to you GIPHY! GIPHY is currently using a test API key (I will apply for a production one soon). Let's see if this works...

!giphy typing

Besides @blockbrothers , you know I am passionate about @steemterminal so just dropped in to get the word out 😉

Currently just a concept, but I will be building a physical prototype, and working with @kodaxx on the software side for a steem enabled vending machine. I will be releasing the diy build plans for others to replicate if so desired on my blog.

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BOOOM ! nice 👍🏻


That sounds really cool... any updates or posts on that ?

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No posts yet you can hear us chat about it in this podcast. https://steemit.com/dtube/@meadowsandmakers/8y8anre6wkv

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oh man, that's gonna be so sick!


Awesome! Please keep us informed.


Most definitely, you can here more about it in this podcast. https://steemit.com/dtube/@meadowsandmakers/8y8anre6wkv

Right now, not working, but I am in the middle of a coding bootcamp. In one month, I’ll be able to design any web application.

I don’t know yet what exactly I want to do but it involves STEEM for sure. Maybe if you have some idea and need a dev I could help you with it? I’ll work for free I just want to make STEEM a better investment for me.

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We have a Business / Investment / Network FB group-chat on Steem.ph with ideas & some of us also have our own projects.

You are free to join, whether or not you are affiliated with the Philippines. We are based here but some of our members are only connected to the Philippines through our group 👍

~ @chrisrice


Thanks for the invite, I don’t use facebook though.

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That is awesome, man! Putting you a little higher so more people can see.


Hi @marki99, let's chat on discord my handle is ejemai#6674

Stay awesome!


That looks cool! Thanks for sharing!

Building a tokenized community for investors and attracting + onboarding new users/influencers from other platforms to the Steem blockchain.


I see you guys are very active! Not only on Steem but also on Twitter! Awesome to see!

Building the skate / longboard community on Steem.

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Actually I kind of have an idea for a sk8 coin. If people play a game of skate, they can bet the revenue their video gets, which will be in sk8 coin. This way they both entertain an audience, and themselves, with a chance to earn.

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I created a website called steemtaskr where steemians could post tasks they need doing and how much they were willing to pay for it. It's been live for a couple of months. There was some early activity, but use has dried up lately. Most people probably aren't aware of it.

The other project I'm working on is a photography curation effort called @photocurate. I've coded about 3/4 of it, and am basically waiting for the steem price to rebound so that we have more users and contributions. You can see the pre-introductory post here.


Man, I had no idea about Steemtaskr. How cool! Are you still actively developing it?

  ·  2년 전

Not at the moment. It's in a functional state, although there's always more to do. If use picks up I'll look to make a few improvements.

Hey! We are currently working on a community dApp on the Steem Blockchain. It is called Inner Blocks. @innerblocks is doing some updates including account, logo, and frontend updates. It is a focus on the many parts of an individual that make up who they are. We are starting by hosting great first hand content that reflects their own experience, and supporting creators in various ways. We are planning to create an environment that will make people feel comfortable, and enjoy spending time using. Not just using, but feeling like a part of it.

Hello Exyle,

I have a project trying to build a community inside sportstalksocial focused in original volleyball content. I belong a Volleyball Club in Spain and I think sportstalk could be a great opportunity to introduce volleyball content inside steem, because it's one of the most practice sport, but in my country haven't visibilty. Besides I want to use actifit for my players upload their daily activity, and his work in the gym with a photo. @manuqc98 and @ioritzcr and me already using actifit this way. I have besides trainers to upload content about how train volleyball teams in young categories till adults. The account from I trying to build all the community is @cvcalasancias, all the support wil be good because we are starting... gretings


Great initiative man! I expect in the future to see more and more of communities like yours arising on Steem. You are a pioneer, keep up the good work! And good job on using @actifit too!


do u know how to claim a new tag volleyball as a new category inside sportstalk??

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I have a a token named as TRDO top of SE! I am gonna bind it (incentive platform) with STEEM Promotional concepts out of STEEM blockchain!
Basic plan of this project will be Buzzer STEEM to other social networks and I think that's one of the major factor of our lag at CMC ratings as well!


Working on https://giftgiver.me A tool for users with low RC to get some SP delegated to them for free. Should help new users be able to interact around the chain.

  ·  2년 전

Hey @exyle!
I'm trying to create a strong drone community on steemit, I already created a forum on tokenbb and you can read more about it here:

I'm also the translator behind the Italian version of @steemmonsters and always looking forward for new projects to localize in English. Have a good summer!

Have you given any thought to @SteemTerminal @exyle? They are one of the best for coming through to give excellent advice and answers to most questions for the new generation of Steemians who are coming in, helping with orientation through The Steem Terminal and posting through @heyhaveyamet.
Thank you for any consideration!

I have many project ideas but due to lack of experience and resources I'm finding it hard to to translate it into reality.

Been meaning to create a market for a unqie service that can benefit Steemians who need it/who can provide it. I'm willing to invest if I find someone who can develop them and manage them


Hi @lifeaef,

@rmcuenen is an excellent backend developer based in the Philippines and we have another software developer in our Steem.ph group-chat on FB.

You can join our group and network with us and I am constantly looking for new talent for everyone to mingle & synergize with 👍

~ @chrisrice

What I currently working on ? :)) Hmmm ... I'm photographer so I try every day make photos, it is not easy to find something cool every day but I try :) So this what I to all time . And I try to collect further as lot As I can get what my photos. I hope steem go up soon so I can take some new pictures and place, JUst now I have to accept here what behind my home existing forest. And if I say this just simply then it is like this ....
Just use what you have, a person is many times more creative when he or she not have nothing.

Just doodling. Symmetrical images that look cool as tyled wallpapers

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consider making them into phone cases and sell them for steem :)


@swirly, that's a good idea of @teamhumble!

What about steemeum, was that wat it was called?! it was an Electroneum ETN style app paying out in steem to people who ran the app but when I spoke to the devs as to why they are unheard of they said that the whales had told him it was shit..
That was some time ago now though.

Also @steemvpn hasnt got any attention but I think the dev is on a long holiday or something. Its offering a vpn for steem delegation, which I found cool but the posts got like 5 votes hahah

Thanks for writing this post btw, lets get some info gathered on one post!

... on the @cleanplanet project ! they did an update about their Clean Token, I definitely invite you to check on it ! Keep up the good work dear :)

There are indeed, many "projects" that I take part in... perhaps rather, "initiatives" if you will; I have my #thoughtfuldailypost, as well as writing for the @steembasicincome group (which I would be honored if you wanted to participate in an interview)... but my main focus is helping both new and current Steemians at the @steemterminal... providing a helping hand, giving information, and helping to promote positive engagement, with proper format, citations, and source. This is something I believe very strongly in.

I am fortunate to be a Moderator there, and join ranks with @brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, @jamerussell, and @xcountytravelers to name a few. Thank you for allowing us to share this with you, as well as other's on the Blockchain...


Hello @exyle, I am not sure if you are familiar with Mene Jewelry (perhaps you have seen the name around the blockchain :) ) . This is not a steem related project, HOWEVER the COMMUNITY has been incredible helpful in elevating the brand and I think it represents a great use case as a community based blockchain as a whole.

A company like Mene could have similar success using the resources of the community here. Please read my steem gratitude post for more information: https://steemit.com/mene/@goldmatters/my-steem-gratitude-challenge-story

Thanks @Exyle. Please let me know if you have any questions !


Thanks for sharing, man! Checking out the post now.

I'm still working on @dcooperation , even if we are not creating content, I do my best to make steemians collaborate and to support every single app and community and tribe build on steem. I will be happy if you read our DCooperation's white paper ! . To realize all that, I need people to help me, if you can just recommend me someone who can help me to implement all what's written in the white paper, that will help me a lot and I will be happier.

i'm working behind the scenes on two projects at the moment, a cc0 (creative commons zero) picture site of diversify for steem for stock photos with real world people and paid downloads for high resolution versions of pictures and also overlays and layouts for streamers, streamdeck as part of @steemcasting -- that's taken a back seat until all my tech is upgraded.


Contact @jacuzzi.. he's an excellent artist and graphic designer 😀👍

Road of riches investing & early player and some simple blogging & video!


I have not been able to check that game out yet. Have you written about? let me know if you have.


The bug/beta testing is now done but for a limited part of the game. It looks very promising and the team too! It's just to early to review the game.

you might want to have a look at @spinvest set up by @silverstackeruk. Early days, but interesting project. I'm involved and watching as of potential value as a model outside Steem (ie bringing new investors).


Yea, I second this one. I got some tokens and it’s looking to be something cool and serious. Since you like passive income it might be something that you would like as well @exyle

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I'm amazed with so many new projects starting. Herr are few I'm looking at

  1. Drug wars, they are coming back to steem with their own token.
  2. Steem Monsters, always in discussions and always upgrading
  3. Next colony, yet another steem based game which explores space
  4. Plankton, a token launched by @mermaidvampire and @cadawg to support and help planktons grow. They host weekly games on discord where they distribute Cryptos as prizes, host games on steemit where everyone wins a bit, they train planktons to write good posts and promotes the idea of steem. Worth a look.
  5. Being a game enthusiast looking into road of rich, yet another steem based game.

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Drug wars, they are coming back to steem with their own token.

Do you have a source?


Hopefully it's for good this time 😜👍


Just to keep you updated, the airdrop happens on Friday, 9th of August.

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I am working on Humanist.xyz, a website dedicated to the elimination of suffering 👍

Personally, i am trying to get my head around all the new projects! It's awesome how you are continuously trying to make this space better & better. Keep up the great work! 🍻☀️👍

Not really a "project", but I am still curating 5 new Steemian introductions a week and featuring them in a compilation:

Nothing concrete but as I approach retirement, I’m thinking about working on building skills that might be useful here. Probably starting by learning JavaScript, not sure what coding skills would be most useful after that for helping with Steem projects.

Dear @exyle

I've read through all comments and thanks to you I found out about several new projects I've never heard about. Thanks.

Myself, together with @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @jadams2k18, @fucho80 and few valuable supporters we've launched small non-profit project called it:


A trade simulator on Steem blockchain. Traders will be rewarded with @steem-engine token TRADE (already launched).

ETA is in end of August: http://dtradesim.com/


Cool idea .

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Steemmonsters, dtube, palnet and game tokens :D

I am not working on any particular project I am just trying to better my Skills in Steemmonster Tournaments............

Hi, I did create the PATRIOT token on Steem-Engine, but lately I did not take care very much about it.
Currently I am trying out dlease.io which is a cool thing and should also convince investors from outside that there are quite serious investment opportunities with Steem possible. Everything that attracts "outsiders" should be encouraged and nurtured.

Hello @exyle,

I am new here I a have been spending much of my time reading about Steem.

In the currency I only spend my time playing steemmonsters, but I am willing to publish articles and videos about personal topics.

Take care.

Hi, @exyle!

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I'm just writing about mybrecent travels and ytying to get my photos organized and edited.

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My biggest project at the moment is working with @brittandjosie and the other wonderful crew at the SteemTerminal, a Discord which seeks to orient new users to the Steem blockchain and help them find communities where they can thrive. It is very rewarding! 🙂


I'm writing some exceptional article in various topics and working with the tribes.

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  ·  2년 전

I am not sure if you are very familiar with these ones, but I have been investing some time into Sportstalksocial, Dlike, and Tasteem. My favorite of them is probably Dlike. When I first found it, it seemed kind of spammy. They are working on a way to only post to your blog if you choose to. I think they have a model that has them right on the edge of making it big. With a couple more feature additions I think it will see some really mass adoption.

Hi Exyle,
I am working on:
Mentoring and encouraging through comments and upvotes Newbies on the platform, plus frequent posts on tips and tricks for earning small rewards.
Steem-Engine: I am supporting this innovative project by buying & staking coins, buying miners, delegating steem power, posting and even footnote style advertising on my posts to promote the tribes, which I see bring some new people into our platform.
Saving and earning to go to Bangkok for my first Steemfest.
Actively working towards my next goal on Steemit of 20,000 Steempower. I set aside money every two weeks to invest in Steem and with the recent down turn I decided to trade Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin for Steem. My goal is Orca by my second Steem Birthday in April, 2020, which is over double my current 20k goal, but the more I accumulate the higher my profits from delegation get and the less I spend on Starbucks and other luxuries and my Steem just keeps growing.
Overall I would say, I am working on making this my full time job. I see so many opportunities here and not enough time to do them all, but I am trying. It’s 3:28 AM here I just finished about four posts in the last six hours and I am regretfully going to bed. I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time!
Peace & Good health to you.

I'm trying to focus on my Cell Phone photography as I've done this more than other stuff at steemit. Hope to continue few series. Thanks

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So much going on...steem-engine and the new tribe steemleo have been my new thing as of late

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