Ezira Hangout #18 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-5 | 1PM UTC

3년 전

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Ezira combines blockchain social media, with a decentralized exchange and a peer to peer marketplace.

Join the Ezira Discord channel and tune in at 1:00PM UTC on Sunday 5th of August to take part in the next Ezira Hangout! Comment your question or topic, and it will be discussed live.

[First competition Entry]

My first board in #ezira will be called "Let's Write", because it would be a space where people can learn tips and advice to learn to write their posts and stories.

Telegram: https://t.co/jLXMEHK3Rw
Discord: https://t.co/3VqLb0XHM0
Twitter: @EziraNetwork

— Nicolás Requena (@NicoRequenas) August 5, 2018

Build The Next World.

Ezira is running a preliminary Initial Coin Offering on Bitshares, using the asset EZIRA. Each unit will be converted to 1 EZIRA on the main net release. The crowdfunding campaign ends on the 1st of September.

Preliminary ICO Poster.png

Ezira Purchase Button.png


  • EZIRA rewards: Every account that holds EZIRA for 4 weeks and is active will earn EziraCoin rewards. 20% of issued EziraCoin will be distributed to EZIRA holders, to provide a reward for ownership.
  • Network revenue: Ezira earns revenue from promoted posts, memberships, and trading fees. Proceeds are used to autonomously buy and burn EziraCoin. This increases the value of EziraCoin, and benefits all ecosystem participants.
  • Network Growth: Ezira offers incentives for new users to be introduced to the blockchain. The growth in users represents a growth in the value held in the EZIRA asset to access voting power and network resources.

Send bitshares or bitUSD to ezira to purchase EZIRA in the weekly auction

Ezira is Powered by the Bitshares blockchain. Create your Bitshares address to hold your EZIRA assets.

What is Ezira?

Ezira is a distributed social media and business platform, that will enable everyone to share information and value freely. Ezira is like Facebook, but with Cryptocurrency rewards. Earn from your posts, without censorship. Ezira is to Steemit, as Facebook is to reddit.

Read the Ezira Outline

See last week's Hangout:


Investment Thesis





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Steem is going to be listed on coinbase, great.


that will be awesome

Ezira is one of the best decentalized exchange and this blockchain worked social media and so many offering. That Ezira the great project.

If you will be coming to this weeks Ezira hangout, upvote this post, and comment your bitshares address.

A random upvoter will be selected live to win 50 Bitshares and 50 EZIRA



Count with me for the hangout! Let's build the new world!

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I think this be as a great idea to start new platform.


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What thing is make ezira different from Steemit. As we already using steemit, so whats new in this platform?


Wow this is so cool... Thanks @dahaz159 for your constant updates and info on Ezira 👍


Wow this is cool thanks for the give way.


count on me That Ezira the great project.


Excelente estaremos atentos...


Positively energy always be an good scope and that takes a steem to a more higher level.


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nice article
keep it up...

Ezira could be interesting, but we already have existing ecosystems like Steemit, and non-blockchain social networks/media. What new things this project can offer?

bts ID: sk-reza

  ·  3년 전

sick as :D

I liked ur concept but I have 4 quick questions ...

(1) What is the total supply of Coin ?
(2) R u gonna destroy the remaining coins ?
(3) Is there any Airdrop in the later stages ?
(4) When r u goin to list on exchanges ?

  ·  3년 전

💥 bts - jaysf1

I hope to be lucky this week. Bts: mariana4ve See you on Sunday.


yes maria

Ezira innovating the way of doing business. excellent publication.👍BTS: mballesteros1608.

Bts : surbhi95

Bts id boney1994

bts id : honey1994

The world of crypto is divided by two. The first one is the centralized which almost all tokens and other coins was here including all the scams and bugos coins. Thank God that Ezira decided to make it decentralized.

Bts acc: leribyleri1992

Looks promising ,hope it will do well.So do u think its will compete with steemit in future

@dahaz159 great project i wish i had some EZIRZ tokens bts account: alexgautam32

Wow that's interesting, I spent a lot of time on the facebook, and now I gave up on it to use minds and steemit. Is this also an open source format?

Love it lets build this amazing network!

seems a bit complicated

Bitshares ID: dha-yor01

thanks for the contest

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have you bitcoin or altcoin ? @cleverbot @banjo


I'm not cleverbot, you are cleverbot.


Been where?


Maybe he's asking do you have bitcoin or altcoin?

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But she'll be here next week, and she's looking forward to it.


It would be great if Steem got listed on Coinbase.


I'm not sure. He would just tell about everything how it should be, and if you are doing it that way, you are sinfull.


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Wow this is cool thanks for the give way.

Lets go to build the new world with EziraNetwork!

Every one from all of us try there best to make things much easier and better for the generation now and comes together , it will be brilliant if we delivery something much better , on that way which is not yet thinked by others ,it would be remarkable .

Wow this is so cool... Thanks @dahaz159 for your constant updates and info on Ezira so whats new in this platform?

excelen good post

Great network post brother i like you and your profile

Nice work piece. I will look into it.

Very goood

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It is not a scam?

I've upvote for you. Upvote me back and have a good day ^^

wow... this is sooo amazing ...really loved your post

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sir, I am waiting for your next post and your next live streaming.@dahaz159

I have just received steemians pvr hohoho..

As the crypto is the new future, similarly the scial media is also taking a big turn by blockchain tech

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Hey guys just joined Steemit and posting about crypto can u guys check my profile.

Resteeming this :) @dahaz159.

Any differences between steemit and ezira??

Very Nice

how can i register

you are greate steemit worker and update a daily update new new artical

sir do you like really steemit????


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Wonderful Writing
Nice Post I understand sir

very good combination for Ezira to combine with decentralized platfrom , i am sure it will be successful , because everything that is decentralized will be successful in future

How we can get participate in this event?

Excelente @dahaz159, felicitaciones por su buen trabajo y sigan enfocados, haciendo, creando y demostrando!
un abrazo bro y pendiente de próximos!

thanks for the contest. Its really amazing...

  ·  3년 전

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sick as :D

Hello Mr. Ezira will it be for indian users as well.??

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Fanbase Updates
Fanbase is a feature that excites me, and we have added massive updates to Fanbase in this version. I know that it is in early stages but when this feature is finished, or close to being finished, I think the Community will be as excited as I am about it. We will continue to implement updates to Fanbase to increase engagement and encourage the Community to use it.

DLive links are now clickable.
When sharing DLive links, the thumbnail of the post will be displayed.
When you receive a direct message a banner will be displayed, notifying you that a message has arrived.
Pinned messages have been enabled.
The owner of a Fanbase can delete messages. You can have the ability to delete your own messages as well.
Fanbase names can be changed at anytime now.
Notifications in your direct messages under Other have been added. To clarify, your Inbox is for people that you are following. If someone sends you a message and they are not followed by you, their messages will appear in the Other tab.
When opening Fanbase's or direct messages, the text will start at the latest message.
When a new message arrives there will be an Arrow icon above the text.
Real-time red dot counter on the icons for Fanbase's and direct messages.

ezira I believe that the project will come to a better position in years of great life progress.

very impressive. keep it up and one day you become a higher ranking esteem server, and clients works under your servicing system.

Social media is also going on Blockchain ya it's good

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count on me That Ezira the great project.@dahaz159

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ezira looks quite interesting

what is secret of tour success ?

I find it very interesting. great.

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Wow this is great.

nice one, ezira is definitely one to be on the lookout for

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I love this. How do I participate? I don't have a bitshares address,how do I get one?

Steem is to be listed on coin great.,that will be awesome

Who's are thinking network growth is high in ezria ?
Am one and you ?

I wish the EZIRA team great fortune with the project BTS= crypto-crisb2

I am interested in bitcoin. Please I need more info.