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Eggs and fish are a source of protein, rice is a source of carbohydrates, I may not know too much about protein, this afternoon, I was accompanied by the food menu, which is "engkoet te thep" ngen boeh itek masin ".
The name of the dish comes from the language of Aceh, which contains a delicious and delicious taste.

Each dish has its own characteristics, as well as the taste and how to enjoy it, we will not be able to count, how many types of cuisine throughout the world, from very popular foods to meals, which we have never seen or tasted.


Humans are eaters of everything, vegetables, meat and fiber, like fruits.
Not surprisingly, humans are very curious about what is called food. From all over the world, almost 99% of people discuss food, especially those that contain good protein for the body, various aspects of market competition are carried out by humans, who offer goods about food, both home industry and factory production, even though many do, but most of those involved in business greetings, especially in the food sector, only 70% really take advantage of the quality and health of the food they treat.

We know that 99% of the source of the disease comes from food. I am disappointed with people who do not care about health in food, they only think, how can their pockets be fully filled, without thinking about what effects they have, after consuming their processed food, the importance of hygiene and health produced from the food we eating will have a good effect on the next generation, like our babies now, if they continue to get perfect nutrition then our children will all be smart, then it will become a prosperous country, the effects of healthy food will certainly lead us to more developmental times nice. Conversely, if we continue to poison the next generation. Then it will have an unstable effect. Terrible ... Also the effect of food is friends.


Let us now, we love and eat foods that are healthy and contain protein that is good for our body, with ESTEEMIT, let's make changes for healthy people in the future.

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