Bandana Face Shield

4개월 전

filtered Bandanas for men.jpg

Face Shield Bandanas are becoming a favorite among men for Social Distancing protocols. Some men are hesitant to wear masks and there has been plenty written on the subject in the last few weeks. It basically boils down to men thinking face masks are not cool.

Its hard to disagree but we all need to do our part. Face Shield BandanasFace Shield Bandanas are a different in the fact that men have been wearing them for years and they are always cool. Think about how many times you've seen it. Western Wear, Biker Gear and other places in Men's Fashion.

So let's assume it's cool to wrap a bandana around your face. These Air Bandit bandanas happen to be filtered and do not require folding. Just wrap the bandana around your face, stick the velcro and even take in the slack.

Let's rock your mask and do what's needed to keep everyone safe.

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