Have you ever pushed that little blue button on the bottom of a Facebook post that says, “Boost Post?”

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If you use Facebook for your business, chances are you’ve boosted a Facebook Post or two. You’ve jumped in head first and decided to hit the Facebook Boost Post button to promote your posts hoping more people would suddenly flock to give you money.

Here’s the scoop. Using the Boost Post button a lot over time gets very expensive. Hundreds, and for some thousands of dollars wasted.

Nine years ago, Facebook’s advertising platform was too complicated for many business owners.

Then in 2012, Facebook introduced the “Promote Post” button. It was an easier way to advertise and promote your content without leaving your Facebook page.

Evolving eventually a few years later from “Promote Post” to “Boost Post.” The name changed but the features stayed almost the same. It  offered a fast and easy way to get your post in front of the right people.

As the organic reach got saturated over the past few years, many business owners are now using the “Boost Post” because it’s fast and easy. That doesn’t mean it’s smart.

What Happens When You Boost a Post?
You are on your Facebook page, you find that post you want more people to see and click the little blue button “Boost Post.”

You select the audience, your budget, and how long you want it to run, and click “Boost.”
This is the lazy man technique. Facebook created a new ad campaign with the“Page Post Engagement.” And that’s where things start going downhill.

Why You Should Not Boost Your Posts

Facebook has a few different options you can select.
Website Clicks: Facebook gets clicks to your website.

But when you hit that blue button “boost post”, Facebook will always push more post engagement, You will get more likes, shares, comments and so on. That’s (almost) ok if that’s all you wanted to do. But you don’t control where the ad is shown.
Next time notice ads that get a ton of post likes. Remember, most of those people will not click through to your website, your event page, or your landing page. Likes don’t make you money. You want results… Show me the Money.

No Control Over Ad Placements

When you’re boosting posts, you can’t choose where those ads show up — the default option is always Desktop News Feed and Mobile News Feed.

Facebook will find the cheapest way to get like, but that doesn’t always translate to getting paid.

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