Facebook Purges 800 Pages For Posting "Political Content"

2년 전

800 Facebook pages purged in one day for posting "political content", including the Free Thought Project, the Anti-Media, Police the Police, Press For Truth and hundreds of others.

It is the largest single purge so far and yet this attack on independent media has been on-going for months. Its not just Facebook either, Twitter, Youtube, Google and Apple are all playing roles.

Reality Check, problems create opportunities. Watch this Reality Check to see exactly what has happened and what is being done to create a truly decentralized alternative.

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They talk about the facebook moderation process quite in detail in this documentary : https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/documentaries/2018/09/facebook-secrets-social-network-180925123847363.html

From the looks of it, if big political pages get moderated, it comes from the FB HQ directly


@heimindanger is a homophobe, remind him it's 2018 and people are people.

Would you believe anyone who calls someone else a "fag" in a derogatory way?

I really like your closing note about "problems becoming opportunities." Although it is concerning what Facebook has done, again...
I think that there is an opportunity for these great pages to migrate to other platforms where their content is encouraged. Definitely checking out Isegoria. https://Isegoria.com

R.I.P Facebook, long live STEEMIT!!

Facebook has just shown the world that they indeed are in league with the political terrorist running our planet . We have join together , and put our differences aside in order to combat the enemies of freedom . These is no time to waste . The monsters have a huge arsenal at their disposal . Many are nuclear ☢️ and in the case of ISRAEL 🇮🇱 , not even acknowledged by the global community . The only nuclear nation in the world that does NOT have to submit to nuclear weapons inspections⁉️ This is a clue like two planes knocking down three skyscrapers on 9/11⁉️They are PSYCHOPATHS who care little for life , and us as a people’s . Facebook should die like MySpace did when the NWO bought them thinking their recipe would work . They have nothing else but twitter to combat the ever growing discontent with their miserable handling of affairs around the world . Look at the Kavanaugh deal , and how they smear anyone who may pose a threat to them and their entrenched ways . Their political attacks are clues to their weakening grip on humanity , and we cannot stop pushing . There are SO many great alternatives like HERE❗️STEEMIT , BitChute , MINDS , and so many more can rise , and smash those communist mother fuckers out of existence❗️If your not FREE and PROSPEROUS in your life , then you have to fight , because freedom isn’t free‼️


Great reply. DC is completely corrupted by Satanic Freemasons. Google earth masonic lodges Washington DC. Note meeting times. There are cops, judges & of course msm and politicians all in this secret society. They cover up for each other.

This is my first time watching your Dtube vlog!

Can I kindly ask you add your Steemit or Dtube links in your YouTube vlogs ?

Btw I'm gonna buy and HODL SmartCash because of I saw the link on the dtube description:)

Have a lovely day !!

That is what we call censorship, so people can't express themselves freely again on Facebook.

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