14million facebook users hacked. Facebook says FU.

2년 전

In the past weeks, it has come to our attention that somewhere around 14 million Facebook users were hacked.


The information stolen includes but is not limited to search history, location data and information about relationships, religion and more. However, unlike other data breaches like the Target hack a couple of years ago Facebook is giving everyone the cold shoulder and will offer no sort of ID theft protection. It is far past time to dump Facebook. They have used us for long enough. They make millions if not billions selling our information. Fortunately, we are on a platform here that is a great alternative to Facebook. So I am taking this moment to beg you all to opt out of Facebook.

Here are some other emerging sites to also use


These are just a few that hopefully will take the place of Facebook in the coming years as people realize their time should be paid for not stolen from them and auctioned to the highest bidder.

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