This Is The Kind Of Scammy Shit Rife On Facebook

4개월 전


Wiki-Bot, a bot that "rich people" use to "gain an unfair advantage" over "middle class people". This is an old variant of the Forex trading bot scam.

I get this type of shit every day in my Facebook feed. People complain about it constantly. But Facebook keeps feeding it to its user base in spite of any and all complaints. Remember, Facebook is increasingly the platform of choice for elderly people. This type of advertising is highly unethical. Not that what Facebook has been doing in the past is anything but suspicious at best but this type of thing really takes the cake. Hundreds of millions of Baby Boomers are on Facebook and many of them have one type of early stage dementia or another. There is obviously a lot of money in scamming elderly people out of their money and Zuckie and his pals are in on by being paid to propagate this on their platform.

Facebook is a vile and nasty entity. It's working on a brain-computer interface allowing updates to be typed without using a keyboard. Prototypes of the kind of technology that allows you to train a machine to detect from your brainwaves what letter you're thinking about. It's a a process that takes some time and effort. But in the future when that technology is perfected who knows what eavesdropping techniques might be developed to better anticipate - and possibly manipulate the thoughts of the user, which it is already accomplishing through its UI. What they want to do is hijack your brain and fill it with garbage and get paid handsomely for that.

Web 2.0 needs to go. Seriously. The mask of sanity and decency worn by the giants that control our online lives is beginning to fall apart. What's interesting is how and when the masses will awaken and begin to look for alternatives.

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Tell you the truth, you are the only person I know who still uses Facebook. :)


I know hundreds of people who do. My family is on Facebook as well as a large number of my old friends. If I need to get in touch with Tampere go players or keep abreast of what's going on at the club, I only need to check out their Facebook group. It's useful as an address book. Sometimes there are conversations on it had by people I know that I find of interest. Sadly, the functional IQ's of those people when it comes to social media choice are firmly in the low double digits...


Yeah, I know I left a few people behind when I closed Facebook for the last time in 2011, but I've begot new friends online and offline. My birth family wasn't on Facebook (not sure about my brother though), because I warned them not to bother. ;)

Some people I knew on Facebook eventually found me on Twitter and Diaspora*, but I haven't yet seen them here. Twitter still has me suspended so... Most people on Facebook I have simply forgot about. ;D