Let's talk about Facebook!

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Scenario: Mark Zuckerberg testifies!

It’s strange that while we should be concerned about our data being misused, people are making fun of Senators not being able to know how to use Facebook. The testimony is not about whether they know how Facebook works. In fact, I would say that Mr. Zuckerberg himself doesn’t know what his company works as most of the answers were 'I will have my team get back to you' or he didn't want to answer the questions? Who knows but the point is, Senators asked those questions so that Mr. Zuckerberg could explain it himself. They probably wanted to check how genuine he is in answering questions. It is same when you have exams. You also get simple questions, which doesn’t mean your teachers don’t know the answer but they want to know, how much knowledge you have in the subject. This was also his opportunity to explain everyone how this platform works because not everybody has an understanding of how it works even though they know how to click likes/comments and upload photos. These Senators are clever people and they are in their positions for a reason. So, to people, who are concerned about lack of senators' knowledge on Facebook instead of being concerned that your personal datas may have been misused- 'Wake Up!'.

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