Fell right off

3년 전

Did you know?

Pandas don't have special places to sleep and rest. When they feel tired, the fall asleep exactly where they are.

They are very lazy creatures and eat a lot of bamboo every day. They have to consume such huge amounts, as bamboo is not that nutritious. Therefore they have to poop up to 40 times per day.

Pandas are difficult animals overall. They only live in China and are very rare. Even Zoos have problems to breed them.

They even show them "panda adult videos" to make them breed. This is not always working, but helping a lot.

They are also kind of sneaky. They can pretend to be pregant to get more food from the zookeeper.

I hope you liked this fact as much as I did!

Image license CC0 Creative Commons | Picture taken from: https://pixabay.com/en/panda-cub-wildlife-zoo-cute-china-649938/

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