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Did you know?

Elephants are very social - even to other animal species. They are making friends very easy.

Another interesting fact - they can not jump at all. Since their bodyweight is that heavy. They are just physically not able to jump.

To gain so much weight they need to eat a ton of grass per day. What does everyone say? A ton a day, keeps the doctor away? No?

Elephants also think that humans - who are much smaller than themselves are more like cute. They actually like us. Okay - depending of course what elephant we are talking about - as wild elephants are not always that friendly.

As we humans do have friends - so do animals aswell. At least a few of them - and Elephants are one of them.

They do not necessary need elephant friends, as other animals work aswell. It can also be a dog or something else.

I hope you liked this fact as much as I did!

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