Here are some marvel facts: Scarlet #4

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Scarlet Witch #4

Although mutants are equally human, they seem to have different levels, because they are Homo Superior, not Homo Sapiens.

Apart from that, apparently the fact that Scarlet Witch said that she was not too "familiar" with other human beings.

Even so, he can still interact with other humans, it does not mean that he really can't, the proof is in the next point.

The characters in Marvel usually have a superhero team or a super villain that is diverse, and Scarlet Witch has often moved teams.

Starting from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, then becoming an Avengers, the next is a team of Lady Liberators that contains female superheroes, there are also Defenders, Secret Defenders.

Not yet there, she's also part of the West Coast Avengers, and there are still some other teams!

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