A Revelation of End-time: everything is in place

2년 전

IMG_20180909_123952_387.JPGDear Lord, please have mercy on us.

I have always had dreams about rapture. Never for once have I shared it here with you. I always ignored it, feeling that everyone has heard the gospel but now, I fear the great day of the Lord's Coming. The impending doom for those who won't make it. But my prayer is that, the Lord Have Mercy on all.
3a.m___September 11, 2018.
I was in a car with my Uncle about to drive out of his compound when I lifted up my eyes and I saw something moving in the sky, a Golden-Ark. It was hovering around the sky as it kept moving like an aeroplane would, it occasionally surfaced from the clouds. When my Uncle saw it, he smiled and told me "it's a sign that rapture will take place any moment from now" and was so happy. As soon as we drove out of the gate, the golden-ark came out again and was so shiny; so I immediately came down from the car and brought out my phone, took photos of it so I would share it with people to alert them that Jesus is Coming Very Soon.
We entered the car and started on our journey again. But before we could reach where we were going, I saw the heavens opened and I saw a twine-like rope(what we call "ikpor" in our dialect) and it was so heavily woven into a knot. A part of the rope was covered by the clouds while the knot part was lying Very Close to, and Ready to be tied to a Chariot. People were very busy and about the rope, waiting for an order to to pull the knot tight on the Chariots.
Then like waves of waters, the clouds moved over it and was covered, many people on earth saw it. There was tension everywhere.
Again, my eyes were opened and I saw people moving in the sky and arms of those who did not deny Jesus were cut off by soldiers who were so heavily armored. They were in great pains and sorrows.
Everywhere, in heaven and on earth I saw and heard people talking about RAPTURE.
Then came this song: Happy is the man, oh happy is the man, happy is the man whose garment is filled with purity.

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