Fake Moon Landing Outtake! Fake Moon Theory. Explanation?

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If you read this full article you will get everything you need to know. Please read the WHOLE article before you comment anything

Look at the following clip, ignore any overlay texts. We will talk about them.

As said by the leakers themselves, "

  1. Is it real?
    Yes. This footage was clearly shot in a studio, and is clearly meant to represent the Apollo 11 moon landing. The attention to detail is staggering. The intention is clearly to fool viewers into believing that it is genuine.

  2. Is it conclusive?
    No. There is no proof that because this was shot in a studio, the moon landing was necessarily faked. But we do know that the original non-digital footage was destroyed and that certain (dangerous) people are very angry that this clip has leaked.

  3. How did we get it?
    We did not get it directly from a NASA source. Our source is well placed to vouch for the authenticity of the footage and had links with the makers of 2 recent documentaries, one for the BBC and one for CNN about the moonlanding conspiracies. We cannot possibly reveal his identity, and probably never will be able to. His position is more dangerous than you might imagine.

  4. Why haven't I seen it before?
    The footage has been buried for over 30 years. All the original stock, except this cut, was destroyed. We have had it for over 2 years and in that time have (anonymously) approached almost every large TV network owner to sell the rights. Without exception they were interested and offered to buy it. At one point they were also Then, also without exception they changed their minds and started to try to find out who we were. At that point we stopped dealing with them. It was scary as hell.

  5. How, when and where was it made?
    It was made in 1965, judging by the camera it was shot on - an Ikegami Tube Camera. We have evidence that the footage was shot outside the US - possibly in Europe, by a foreign crew.

  6. Who is inside the suit?
    Not one of the original astronauts. In fact, they are totally unaware that this footage was ever shot. The guy in the suit is an actor called Symond Lewis.

  7. Why is it on the Internet and not on TV?
    See point 4

  8. What is NASA's reaction to this footage?
    They have refused to comment. But we have recently heard that they are stepping up efforts on a huge PR campaign to convince us all that the Apollo moonlandings all took place."

Now this all may seem real right? This is an explanation that you wouldn't be surprised to see when you are looking at other "conspiracy theories". That's because thats all it is, a conspiracy theory. This video was created in 2002, by a group of people with an intent to make a joke to the people who believe in the fake moon landing.

Right below what I quoted, you can see a hyperlink stating, "And click here to discover that the above is all bull****"
So you click it and see this quote,"

Yes, the clip is fake. It was shot in a studio in London in spring 2002. It was based on an idea by director Adam Stewart, who was a space exploration nut. He had read the conspiracy theory sites and decided he wanted to make a spoof based on the idea that the Apollo 11 moonlanding was faked.

Adam Stewart died on 28th August 2002. He is greatly missed. Please read this tribute to him

If you listen hard, at the end of the clip, as 'Neil' climbs back up the ladder, you hear him say, 'Sorry Mr Gorsky'. Most of you will probably get this reference. If you don't, go to http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/armstrong-gorsky.htm to find out what it's about."

Now they are NOT dismissing the possibility of a fake moon landing, as all people should be able to make up their own mind using the EVIDENCE that they find saying, "
So now you know. But remember this: Just because our clip is a spoof doesn't mean they DID land on the moon. The truth is out there, man."

So now you know, if this video clip ever comes up in some sort of video that you were watching, you can refer back to this blog post, or even better the original website in which this information comes from.
I used a Wayback Machine (Archive.org) to access this website from 2005.

If this was informational please resteem. If you have something to say about the topic, which most people do, please leave a comment below. Please share this post whenever arguing why anyone would purposely fuel conspiracy theories!
Thanks, Peter Brown.

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this last movie does have real outtakes from the moon mission proving it was faked. check it out, or stay a gullible idiot for the rest of your life.

unless of course this really is a rocket taking off from the moon lol:

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In all sincerity I really don't know what to believe — fake moon landing or real moon landing.

All I know is that right from time immemorial the media has been seeking to form the opinion of the populace, and guess what? They're doing pretty well!

Happy New year!
Warm regards!


I feel things are about to change.

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