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** My greetings and my respects to the great family steemit **. I want to start this post by remembering the first time I heard the phrase "the family is the basis of society". I studied high school at the lyceum when the teacher who facilitated the chair of Moral and Civic Social Education wrote in very large letters this phrase that covered almost the entire board. The phrase was written there for almost three weeks and each day we talked about some family values and how important these values were in the family to live better in the community. ! [] () My lovely family One day the teacher organized a coexistence where all students attend with their families. I could see that not all my colleagues had a father and mother, some lived with grandparents or uncles. It was all very nice, we shared the food, we laughed, we sang, we wrote poetry, it was a great family and that was highlighted by the teacher at the end of the meeting: "Remember that we are a great family". ! [] () * With the grandson in his three years * The truth of all this is that most of us (my colleagues and me) this helped us a lot because thank God we have well-educated families. ! [] ( * A family dinner Grandson's birthday *.

each society where there will be more or less restrictions, but the family in its essence seeks balance in coexistence to grow along with other people. Other types of family will continue to emerge, but the important thing would be to maintain the fundamental essence of coexistence, where you can share, where you can learn the sense of responsibility, respect, honesty, tolerance, respect for life in all its forms and conditions, where empathy, self-esteem, humility, commitment, gratitude, patience, happiness, optimism, friendship and will are shown. ! [] () * My three children. Proud of them *. I invite you to promote the importance of the family as a fundamental basis for the balanced development of a society with values that enhance life in coexistence.

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Family is very important.

@freddmape you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!