The Worst Trip Down the Mountain Ever - Part One of the Birth of Baby #6

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I wrote down the story of our baby's birth about a week after she was born. I didn't want to forget any of the details. Her birth was VERY different from the other babies I have delivered! Here is exactly what I wrote...part 1!

The day after my due date, I started having contractions during the night for about 5 hours every 10 minutes, the kind you have to breathe through. Then in the morning, nothing much was going on, so I got the kids ready and took them to school. Hung around in the morning just not feeling 100%, but not really thinking this would be the day. This was Thursday and I went to go pick up some of the kids from school, came home, had lunch, and started working on homework. Around 1:30, I headed to bed to rest for a little while and contractions started again. They weren’t nearly as strong as the night before, but still were strong enough to notice and about 8-9 minutes apart. Every couple of contractions, one that was 2-3 minutes apart would jump in there and they were super strong. After about an hour of them being 7-8 minutes apart, the dropped to 2 minutes apart and were very strong.

My actual contraction tracker

I got up and moved around and they kept coming at this same pace. I had let Ben know and he started quickly getting ready while I packed my hospital bag…which I should have done earlier, I know! Nana was ready when we came out of the room and we got in the car. I was lying in the middle seat with towels and pillows while Ben drove and Nana was in the passenger seat. The road outside of our neighborhood is a little bumpy and this started me off again. It takes an hour to get to David on a regular day with no traffic. We were flying down the mountain from what I could see in a lying down position, but it was just what we needed to do. The contractions were super strong, but about 5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute. I was lying on my side and really in a lot of pain with each contraction.

Photo 'cuz I wasn't taking pics

We made it to Bugaba and I questioned if we shouldn’t go to the emergency room there to deliver. I didn’t feel like I could make it all the way to David – another 30 minutes! I was already yelling and breathing hard through each contraction. Ben decided to keep going. We hit some traffic outside of David and he put on his flashers and drove on the shoulder to get ahead of everyone. Had we sat through this traffic, I know she would have been born in the car. They kept telling me to breathe and I kept saying that I was ready to push. I knew she was ready to come and I did not want to have her in the car, but I wanted this over! Finally we turned off the Panamerican Highway and headed toward the hospital. The sensation to push was very strong, but they kept telling me not to. Finally the hospital was in view and Ben pulled up to what he thought was the emergency room entrance.

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

I am a mom to six kids who lives in Panama. We relocated here about 2.5 years ago and love it. If you're interested in knowing more about Panama, check out the link below and plan to come on a Panama Relocation Tour!

Panama Relocation Tours

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I had to laugh, because with my youngest, there was no way I could have stopped it even if I had wanted to. So even if there would have been people saying to stop pushing, I would have lost the battle hehe. It wasn't me pushing, it was my body that took over. I was very happy that I was at home (unassisted) because I would have never made it into the nearest hospital (about an hour), so he would have been born in the car or the side of the road (probably better as it was gorgeous, even in the middle of the night) for sure.

I am looking forward to reading the next part!
And welcome to this world, dear little baba :)


Unassisted at home?! Wow!! :) My placenta was in a weird place most of my pregnancy, so it just wasn't a good idea to go unmonitored and that was the reason my midwife decided a homebirth was probably not a going to happen. Just happy to have had a good delivery. :)

Oh man, when that urge to push comes, it’s hard to not! Waiting to see part 2!


For real! If my water had broken in the car or before, she would have been born on the way! I was yelling "push push push" just to keep myself from pushing!

Oh my! I drove on those roads and still can't even imagine how it must have been for you to rush to the hospital. I am glad everything went out well and that you and your little one were fine. Looking forward to part 2 of this story!


Lol! Yeah, thankfully most of the drive to David is a good road (minus all the curves). I am also glad we don't live on a rocky road. It would have been miserable. Hope you guys are doing well!!

Congratulations on the new baby! Oh boy, that urge to push is so hard to resist not so, looking forward to part two!


Thanks! She's a sweet baby girl! Yeah, the urge to push is crazy!! :)

Oh, my!!! I have driven the roads in Panama and I don't know how you made it!! Glad that you made is safely, but, really looking forward to part ll !!

I almost had my baby on the road in San Antonio, Texas. I can attest to the fact that it is alarming when that urge to push is immediate and you aren't there yet!



Oh wow! It is so crazy when it feels like the time is there for the baby and you still haven't arrived. I prefer a homebirth, but that just wasn't an option this time. Thankfully our roads around us aren't as bad as some!! :) Thanks for the tip and stopping by. :)

Congrats! That sounds like it was exciting! Sorry I missed the previous posts about it.

We had a lady here in Rochester give birth on the sidewalk outside of the hospital in below-zero weather a couple winters ago. She was literally at the doorstep of the hospital, so a doctor came out and helped her deliver.


This is the first post about it. I plan to do at least one more. Had to build up to the birth, ya know? ;)

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That must have been hard - I have 2 kids but they both didn't come easily :)