Family traditions - ISRAELI.

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The most peaceful and balanced families live in Israel. According to local canons in the house there is no place of rudeness and cruelty, nobody has the right to raise on households a voice or to report. It is generally believed that in Israeli families, any issues can be resolved, albeit in lengthy, but negotiations. And the main principle of interaction is mutual respect and equality. If an Israeli woman passes "reins" in the family to her husband, she does so only out of modesty.

Special treatment of children in an Israeli family. Parents raise daughters and sons in love for their religion, with respect to all laid down since ancient times national and spiritual traditions. Children should be sincere and affectionate, not only to their parents and families, but also to religious customs.

At the same time, children in Israel have themselves become part of the cult. A lack of love or attention, they do not. Take for example the form of censure. Parents try never to use words like" bad"," stupid","naughty". Instead, they would rather say, " how could a good/handsome/smart child like you do something stupid/wrong?"it is believed that in this way they save children from future complexes. Also in the country it is accepted to praise children for any reason, and since the birth. Admire even the most insignificant successes. Moreover, they always do it widely and publicly. About the "nice Kal-Malle in a notebook" be sure to recognize all the friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Jewish tradition explains that the basis of any family is husband and wife — father and mother. Therefore, children should be taught from an early age that the first place is always the attention of the mother to the father and the father to the mother. In this case, the child will feel more secure, and in the future — will want to create the same happy family as he had. In an effort to raise a successful and independent children, there has developed a system of education, which in Israel you can have a look at the special parent courses, which generally take place in the synagogues.

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